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Do you really want to heal and be safe?


I hope you are having a wonderful day. I wanted to say hello and share with you that I am very excited with the response here in Costa Rica. We have a full house, and we keep adding more space to be able to accommodate everybody. People coming from all over the world.

Aside from the Ho’oponopono training, we will have a 3-day retreat here in a beautiful place surrounded by beautiful nature.

I look forward to seeing YOU in any of the next English trainings. Will it be in New Delhi, Zagreb, or Amsterdam?

Also, I am happy to tell you that we got the peace stickers back in the store. Many of you wanted these stickers but they were out of stock. If you wonder how to use them, let me tell you, you can put it on your car, any place in the house, on your computer for cleaning and protection, in your kids backpacks, on legal documents, etc. Just follow your own inspiration. You will know how they will work for you.

Remember that I have also designed a collection of peace products that are perfect to help you with your daily cleaning 24-7. Take advantage of the 20% discount before September ends. You just have to enter the code MYPEACE at the time of making your purchase. Go to the store by clicking here.

Lastly, this monthly class was really inspirational. It is so important to realize the power you have to heal yourself, especially with all the health threats nowadays. So if you haven’t participated yet, I highly recommend it. You can still do it by clicking here, I promise you will be glad to. Besides, you will be able to enter your cleaning requests in our private cleaning forum, access our private video library, and get many other resources for an entire month.

Let us remember that peace begins with you, with us. When you change, everything changes. I invite you to watch the broadcast:

I wish you Peace beyond understanding.

Mabel Katz

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