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Do you know how to live an abundant life?

Less is More How to live an abundant November

This week I am in Türkiye, and as usual, with a very special group of people. A spiritual journey is always a deep and special way to connect with your heart.

Each trip is unique, but the common denominator is the learning and the deep connection with our soul. Also sharing with people who think and are in the same search as one.

And while on this subject, I would like to invite you to be part of our Ho’oponopono family, where you will receive support on your journey to abundance and be able to access all the benefits and resources we have for our members.

If you are already a member, you can already send your questions for the monthly class. Let me tell you that this month’s theme will be: “Less is more. How to live an abundant life.”

In addition, you will be able to buy the digital success and wealth products with a 50 % discount from November 21st to the 28th at Cyberweek.

Let’s face it. The concept of more (bigger, faster, shinier) has been drummed into our heads since we were little children. And by the time we’re adults, it’s easy to believe that the pathway to happiness is through an accumulation of more stuff in our lives. If we only had more money, more time, more freedom, a bigger house, a better job, a nicer car, and fancy vacations, THEN we’d be happy. Well, guess what? There is no THEN; there is only NOW. And this endless pursuit of more has tied us to the physical world like a heavy anchor while doing nothing to make us happier.

Now, I’m not suggesting we give away our possessions or live in a mountain cave. Having things—even nice things—is part of the world we live in. I say enjoy what you can afford and make no apologies. However, as spiritual beings, we can slow down, live more simply, and become conscious of what we actually need to be happy and whole (recognizing that each of our journeys is different).

And once we take this step, we will realize that everything we need is already here. As I have found through my work with Ho’oponopono, the Universe may not always give us what we want, but it always gives us what we need to discover our Divinity. And I will show you how to cultivate this viewpoint with a new set of eyes—to see everything in your life as a gift from God. Then you will start cultivating a spirit of gratitude for what you have (not what you lack).

“There are two ways to be rich: One is by acquiring much, and the other is by desiring little.” 

– Jackie French Koller

When we truly embrace the Less is More principle, we will reframe abundance for what it really is—a fullness of love and joy and a strength of Spirit, Soul, and Body. It is our consciousness.

Join me as we discover the power (and joy) of living with less. I look forward to seeing the smile on your lips as you discover how rich you are!

Let me also tell you that I am very happy because very soon I will be back in Zagreb and Belgrade again, after 3 years! There I will present the Ho’oponopono and Zero Frequency seminars. If you can’t come, but you already participated in a previous seminar, you can attend as an absentee!

Stay tuned. I remind you that our Cyberweek begins next Monday, November 21st. That day you will receive your coupon to apply it in the Success and Wealth category, with discounts for you of 30 %, if you are not a member.

Do not miss it.

With Love,

Mabel Katz

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