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Do you know how to do Ho’oponopono 24-7?

Shaping Peace Together

Let me tell you that we just finished our trip to Lake Titicaca in Bolivia and Peru… It was definitely an unforgettable trip, as in addition to all the wonderful activities we did with an amazing group of souls, we had the joy of receiving an abundance of inspiration and connected with lots of ancestral wisdom, which allowed us to get in touch with our essence and our divinity. Thank you Bolivia, thank you Peru, and thank you to those 16 souls who accompanied us on this special journey.

I hope to see you in my next in-person events in English in New Delhi, Zagreb, and Amsterdam. More information is below.

I also want to tell you that in this month of September, we celebrate “International Day of Peace.” As an international peace ambassador and creator of the world peace campaign “Inner Peace is World Peace,” I am on a mission to help people discover who they are, their natural talents, and their purpose on Earth. This way, everyone will find their happiness, freedom and inner peace.

For this reason, I have designed a collection of peace products which are perfect to complement your daily practice and be able to clean 24-7. You will find them all in my store. There are “Let Go and Trust” stickers, bracelets, pins and much more. These accessories are ideal to remind you of the power of Ho’oponopono in your day to day life and help you with your cleaning. They can also be a very original gift for your loved ones (including your children).

To apply the discount, you just have to enter the code MYPEACE at the time of making your purchase. Go to the store by clicking here.

Would you like to let go of the constant warfare in your mind and set yourself free from the ideas, places, situations, and beliefs that keep you stuck?

If we embrace the Conscious Peace Philosophy & Flor de Lis Symbol, we can inspire others to join us in this global peace movement. Let’s set examples by taking responsibility for our thoughts and actions. Please share the Flor de Lis tool with the World!

Let’s spread Awareness and Peace around the World together.

With love,

Mabel Katz

Spread peace and love

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