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Did you choose your parents before birth?

did you choose your parents before birth

I have some questions for you today:

Do you consider yourself a victim of abuse? Remember that we come to make amends, discover who we are, and set ourselves free. The Universe is always perfect and situations in our lives are simply blessings in disguise.

It is time to wake up and make a difference. You are here for something BIG. You are BIG. You just don’t remember. Maybe you chose to go through certain experiences to pay a debt you had from another lifetime, and/or to be able to help others that went through the same experience. Whatever the situation, is about setting yourself free.

Did you know we choose everything before we are born? including our parents? Although it doesn’t seem logical, it is. Unfortunately, once we incarnate, we forget the perfect plan that we designed with God before coming here. However, some people can remember moments before they were born. Do you remember yourself? Do you know anybody that does?

With love,

Mabel Katz

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