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Dare to be who you are

who you are

In this fast-paced and hectic world in which we live, we often forget to pause and connect with ourselves and others. That’s why today I bring you a double invitation that you will not want to miss. These are two events that will help you connect with your most vulnerable side and will lead you to discover your potential and strength.

First of all, this Saturday I’ll be streaming LIVE via YouTube at 12 p.m. in Los Angeles and you can’t miss it! It will be an opportunity for me to connect and share with you how to be your best version.

Check at what time it will be in your city by clicking here.

And secondly, our monthly Q&A class that will also be LIVE, and we’ll talk about The Power of Vulnerability – Dare to be who you are.

Do you want to know how to be courageous, bold, and fearless? I hope so because I’m going to show you how. And don’t worry; you won’t need to jump off mountains, run with bulls, or swim with sharks. The path to a genuinely courageous life is as simple as opening your heart and becoming vulnerable. Yes, vulnerable! Now, you might have been brought up believing that vulnerability is a weakness, a softness of character, or something we need to hide from others. I’m here to tell you that nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, vulnerability is one of the greatest strengths we possess as humans. Vulnerability is our secret weapon to living a beautiful, adventurous, successful, and deeply spiritual life. Please join me for this month’s Q&A. Together, let us open our hearts and discover the power of vulnerability.

You can participate from ANYWHERE in the World. If you can’t join the LIVE session, you can send your questions in advance and you will receive the recording 48 hours later.

Being vulnerable means allowing yourself to be seen as you truly are, with all your strengths and weaknesses. It involves being honest with yourself and others, expressing your emotions and thoughts openly, and accepting the possibility of rejection or failure.

Unfortunately, most people avoid vulnerability because they don’t want to be judged, ridiculed, or risk failure. They live in fear, always worried about how others see them. Of course, once you do that, you stop listening to your heart, eventually losing touch with the Divine part of you that wants to wake up and experience life.

Fortunately, through the gift of Ho’oponopono, it’s easy to regain the power of vulnerability. I have seen firsthand what can happen if you let go, surrender, and trust. I have seen what happens when you are 100% honest with yourselves and others and how this can lead to freedom, overwhelming joy, and a deeper understanding of your own inner life.

By accepting your vulnerabilities, you can also learn to confront your fears and imperfections. And when you confront these fears, you are forced to rely on your inner strength, which will lead you to a greater sense of spiritual connection and awareness, which will then help you become more conscious as you discover your purpose here on earth.

I hope you will join me for this special Q&A. Come and learn how to be vulnerable—free to be who you are and live as you wish; to welcome challenge and opportunity wherever you go; and to embrace ‘thank you’ and ‘I love you’ with ease and a flow you’ve never known before.

Together, let’s learn to be fully alive and present while following our hearts and welcoming the universe’s gifts. This is the power of vulnerability.

Mabel Katz

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