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 Are you growing spiritually?

are you growing spiritually? Mabel-Katz

Are you growing spiritually? Discover the Ho’oponopono journey of transformation and cleansing on the MANIFEST 2023 tour. Enjoy experiences in different places full of energy and wisdom.

New Jersey was the last stop on this portion of my MANIFEST 2023 tour, which kicked off in June in Bogota, Colombia. I have now arrived at my home in Los Angeles. And although I will soon be traveling again, I have a little time to enjoy my sons and my granddaughter.

I am always honored by the opportunity I’ve been given to clean and be part of the transformation of those who were able to assist to my seminars. I received many gifts and confirmations from the people there. We are always blessed to have the gift of having people who can see what really happens during the seminars at the healing and cleaning level.

You can see one of the testimonials of my seminars:

I think you probably know; I came back to Los Angeles and my kitchen is not fixed yet. In addition to not having a kitchen, I now live with several construction workers every day. I’m trying to take it easy. I clean. It’s definitely a very big opportunity to clean.

Soon I will be traveling again. I am very excited because I am going to Guadalajara, Mexico, and from there to celebrate my birthday with family and friends in Puerto Vallarta. Then I return for two days to change my suitcases (from summer to winter again) and leave to Bolivia and then Peru. There, an intimate journey awaits us, with a small group of souls willing to transform themselves and clean in a place of high energy, and wisdom, with many treasures and gifts ready to be discovered.

“Don’t waste a single moment on anything else. … And unless you grow spiritually, you are wasting a precious opportunity.” -Osho.

And yes, you too now have the possibility to choose to receive the Ho’oponopono cleaning gifts in English in New DelhiZagreb, and Amsterdam.

You will notice a before and after in yourself at any of the seminars you decide to attend.

Remember that spiritual growth is a lifelong journey. If you are ready to begin your adventure, stay connected to your soul and allow spirituality to continue to direct your path!

With love,

Mabel Katz

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