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A message of freedom to young people

Help a Young person find their way

Do you want to discover the magic that happens when you connect with yourself? Choose your own path to success! Learn about the power of Ho’oponopono and find true inspiration.

Every year when Youth Day is celebrated, I remember that time when I was also young and going after a university degree, financial achievements, or a partner. I believed, as many others do, that all those things would make me a “somebody.”

In my case, thanks to Ho’oponopono, I woke up and realized that the most important thing was to be myself, spontaneous, and authentic. That it was not important what others thought of me, but what I thought of myself.

Often, there are young people at my seminars who ask me what to do after high school. I know that if the parents are present at the seminars, they do not always like my answer, but my advice is to travel, experience life through your own eyes, and then decide what you want to do to become a happy adult.

What some people would see as a negative sabbatical or “doing nothing” year, for me is a search for true inspiration; it is to return to zero, to connect with the desire of your soul, where magic happens. For the youth, traveling can represent letting go of limited thoughts and toxic memories, prejudices, and opinions, and connecting with their true essence.

When you were young, did you ever get asked what was in your heart or what you wanted to be? Were you ever invited to take some time for yourself? Connect with yourself and experience the different opportunities life had for you?

Young people today are living in a society that is still largely asleep, and for them, it is very frustrating. We must become happy parents and adults because as you know, they are always looking at us “thinking that we must know it all.”

Today I know how different my life could have been if only I had known at graduation time what I know now. That Mabel would have been happy without having to look in the wrong places. 

My mission is definitely to carry a message of happiness and peace to the world and change lives; this will help individuals open their eyes and wake up. I especially enjoy working with young people and I always appreciate their attentive listening and commitment. I love to tell them, “You can be happy now, don’t wait.”

We must begin to see life without judgment, without opinions, without limiting beliefs and past memories, we must be at a place where all our thoughts are pure and in the present tense. I call this Zero Frequency®, and this is where we should all strive to be. Children and young people already have this connection naturally. They see life with that color and freedom that we have been slowly moving away from. Let them be themselves and you learn from all they have to teach you.

Young people are our only chance to bring peace to the world, which is why I feel is so important for me to share my message with them; and also with their parents. 

Many times, when they travel with us or they attend my seminars, I realize how open and ready they are.

So, is Ho’oponopono for the old or the young? I invite you watch this LIVE session where we talk about this.  

The other day a member told me that her 18-year-old grandson mentioned he had also listened to the videos and audios she listened to from our exclusive library of our Ho’oponopono community, and that they helped him a lot.

In these moments where so much is happening around the world, my message today to the new generations is to be free. Through Ho’oponopono, freedom is possible for everyone.

Yes, these are times when definitely being connected with our passion is very important, whether you are a young person or not. You can’t imagine all the doors that can be opened!

If you (or a young person you know) are on the lookout, feel the calling, and are willing to connect with your own wisdom, I would like to give you a special discount for my Zero Frequency® -Find Your Purpose webinar.

Get it NOW or in the next 24 hours, for only $95 (Original price $175). It will help you, and help that young person in your life find the reason why we are here and what makes us happy.

Remember that finding our passion and purpose is our mission and the easiest way to change this world.

When is Youth Day and why is it celebrated?

International Youth Day is celebrated every year on August 12th. This date was designated by the United Nations General Assembly in 1999 with the purpose of recognizing the importance of youth in society and promoting their active participation in political, economic, and social matters.

Youth Day aims to highlight the challenges and opportunities that young people face worldwide, as well as to encourage their engagement in building a sustainable future.

With love,

Mabel Katz

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