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A Christmas To Be Reborn With Ho’oponopono

Merry Christmas and happy new year Mabel Katz

Christmas represents birth, opportunity, and excitement in the heart of hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Every year, although the culture may want to show us that everything “happens out there,” my invitation is to observe and embrace everything that happens “in here,” in your heart, in your mind, and your soul.

These glorious times of the year may be filled with commitments for most, but it is my hope and wish that we do not arrive overwhelmed with the pressures of the season, but focused on the present moment willing to be born again and be children again.

Rushing is not the way to find the true spirit of Christmas, like running to and from with purchases and obligations. The way once again is to let go of attachments, anger, pride, vanity, envy, and all those negative feelings we are constantly going through.

Christmas is a time to tune inward, ask ourselves the right questions, and definitely listen to what our true desires are. Try to connect with the dreams you had since childhood when you still knew who you were. Become your best friend, give yourself a big hug, accept and love yourself just the way you are, and remember that you already carry everything you need to be happy inside of you.

When we let go of what physically and emotionally no longer works for us is when we are really reborn, and that is the quantum bridge that Ho’oponopono offers us. Every time you say, “thank you”  or “I love you,” every time you let go and trust, you are returning to Zero, to everything and nothing, to the field of all possibilities! You are being reborn and you are making room for the Universe so that it can manifest what is right and perfect for you.

This Christmas I invite you to be in tune with your I AM, with your true self; and to harness this energy of illusion and rebirth to turn on the flame of joy. 

This is a good time to remember that we do not depend on anything or anyone outside of ourselves, and to begin, from the heart, to be ourselves at our best.

This Christmas give the gift of love to yourself and everybody you encounter.

Spread peace and love

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