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The 2 questions I get asked the most about money 

Ho'oponopono Family

Hello, last Saturday was my workshop in Córdoba on “The Easiest Way to Prosperity,” in the context of an Argentina where everyone talks to me about their concerns about money.

This is why, I thought that in addition to helping raise awareness and clean memories of scarcity, today I could add another grain of sand for those people from my native country and the world, by sharing the answers to the 2 questions that I get asked the most in the monthly classes of the Ho’oponopono Family Membership and at my Seminars.

Here they go:

What should I do if I want to attract money?

First, accept 100% of your responsibility and let go of the victim mentality because that attracts poverty. Stop blaming and take back your power. Elevate your energy. It’s not a money problem, it’s that your thought patterns keep you worrying and with your energy low. Money vibrates high. Dare to do what you love, and the money will come.

What is it that is preventing me from manifesting money?

Yourself, your beliefs, your thoughts. If, for example, you believe that people with money are greedy, then money will elude you because in your mind you think it’s a bad thing. Remember that when you change, everything changes. Let go of those limiting beliefs and allow God to help you open the doors to prosperity.

Of course, there is always “lots to discuss” on this subject, but if this message serves at least as a reminder to return to your abundant essence, my mission in this email is accomplished.

Would you like me to answer your questions in a personalized way every month on a topic of your interest? I invite you to be part of our Ho’oponopono Family.

And speaking of being authentic, let me tell you that I am excited and happy, to be here in Cordoba after so long. You and the universe are what gives me the strength to keep going.

Look at the magic we experienced last weekend at my Ho’oponopono and Zero Frequency – Total Immersion Seminars, which were presented for the first time in Argentina.

They were meetings full of connection, emotion, and smiles where each one could find a lot of peace and experience what it feels like to return to Zero. And it is my wish that I can transmit some of that to you through these lines.

I hope you give yourself the gift and, and I can see you soon at one of my next events.

With love,

Mabel Katz

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