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If you bought a physical product:


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Another Important Notice:


Shipping can take 2-4 weeks, but may arrive sooner.


Due to outside sources, Mabel Katz and Your Business , Inc. cannot be liable if the shipped products do not get to the destination. We will be able to provide you with proof of shipment so you can make the proper claim to your local carrier.
The risk is on the buyers’ side. Thus we highly recommend that you pay extra, choosing a method of shipment more reliable that provides tracking information.


If you bought a digital product:


All digital products (audios, videos, e-books, classes and lectures) found on this platform, and products acquired through the HooponoponoWay or Mabel Katz’s shopping cart are protected.


Your purchase does not expire. You can access your resources as needed, using your username and password. Once you purchase a digital product, you can always access your purchase through our platform.


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