Only God knows

Hi Mabel here is something that happened I don't know if it is because of cleaning, only God knows

I had been cleaning for about three to four months, friends of mine were going away for a week and asked if I would look after their cat's and home. I said I would. Before this I would say about a week or so, there was a day I was off work and I felt like relaxing and napping on and off. I was in my room, my eyes were closed and all of a sudden I saw this small tree, I opened my eyes and thought I wonder what that was about, just clean. I closed my eyes again I saw a small tree, I'm sorry, Please forgive me,Thank you I Love you. A third time I closed my eyes same thing happened. I couldn't rest after that I stayed up and cleaned, whenever the tree came to mind I cleaned. So, forward to staying at my friends house. There was a call from one of there tenants who was pretty frantic at the time. This is the first night I'm there. I answered the call. "Is Bob or Colleen there?'' I said no they are out of town can I help with anything?" " He said "The poplar tree in the back yard just fell over and it did a lot of damage", then he said "My three kids are usually back there playing but for some unknown reason we were all in the front yard today". He said "I have no idea why, my two girls are always on their swing set in the back , it's a good thing they weren't because one of the branches fell on it and broke their swing." I just said "Thank God "

And I do Thank God every moment of every day because we never know what's going to be cleaned.

Thank You, I Love you


I love you, Shelley!

Thank you for your inspiring story, Shelley. I am so glad to have you on our cleansing team. Thank you for being awake and responsible!

I have had several similar things happen with respect to family members. Had it not been for the cleaning, I might have lost my entire family to a fatal accident. Years ago, I was in my cousins' van following my husband and children. Another speeding vehicle crossed over to their lane, causing a 5-car accident. They nearly flipped over to the other side of the interstate median (opposite traffic). Immediately, I cleansed & kept at it. Running out to the car, I noted that the gas tank was smashed into the median. There was so much smoke; I was afraid the car was going to blow up. The car was totaled. An officer that took us home told me how lucky we were; he said this type of accident generally turned into a fatality. I had a hard time letting go (nightly nightmares where I kept reliving the accident) & contacted Kamaile. She said had I not done the cleansing, things might not have turned out… She said I was handed "grace."

Another time, I excused myself from a seminar because I could sense my oldest son was in trouble. I went back to my room and just cleansed like crazy. Later, he called to tell me about his near fatal car accident. I net the causes in me . . . & turn on the LightSwitch. Ice Blue.

Shelley, my 18-year-old son just purchased a motorcycle. Both he and my husband just finished a course. As part of my daily family meditation, I hand each member and vehicle to Divinity, one at a time. I also put on special protection. Ice blue to all motorcycles and their riders! Thank you!

I am grateful for all your stories and inspirations, Shelley! Jelly Beans. Redwood. Ice Blue. Inspiration.

--Jelly Beans

Hi Mabel! Just wanted to share a cool Ho'oponopono story with you... Remember when I told you we were going to put my dog down? Well, this was because almost overnight, he completely broke down. He could no longer walk (had to be held up with a leash around his belly while walking), he couldn't see so was bumping into walls, and he could barely smell food right in front of his nose. On top of this, he looked constantly panic-stricken and cried a lot. This went on for a few days. My parents were looking into vets and had almost set a date to have him put down. Anyway, after talking to you, I went down to him and said "Thank you so much for everything you have given us over the years. You belong to God, so if you're ready to go back to him, that's fine. Or if you're not ready yet, that's also fine, and I realllllly love you." And then, I put solar water in his bowl every day. Well, after about 3 days, he was COMPLETELY back to normal - regained his sight, could walk confidently and without help, could smell things, and seemed to have a new lease on life. My family and everyone was shocked, and keeps calling him the "miracle dog". Anyway, that was about 5 months ago... He's now 16! Who knows what will happen next, but I keep reminding myself to give him back to God and give him plenty of love. Anyway, thought you might find that interesting! Thanks sooo much always.

--Paulina, Canada

Good Morning Mabel, the blessings only continue. Quick story: While cleaning , I remembered a question: "How does it get better than this?" Truth is, I don't know.... only God knows... So after, my fathers funeral the other day, I had to look to getting ready for a annual Christmas dinner I cook for my employees as we hand everyone their gifts and bonuses. Honestly, I been a little tired and not looking forward to it this year. So I ask the question "How does it get better than this?" and I continue cleaning. "Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, I Love You." That's when Divinity provides. My employees, decided to take over our plans and have a real traditional Ukrainian Christmas meal fully catered for the 20-25 of us (this includes spouses). There are only 10 actual employees, I know this would be costing them about $900.00. They said it was my gift, I was speechless at the Love and thoughtfulness they were showing to me ... I look up to Divinity, and I say " Thank You, I Love You, God , how does it get better than this? Thank You." Well, apparently every time I ask God and clean, the answer appears..... You see, I knew this was a lot of money for them to spend on myself.. I keep cleaning... then yesterday afternoon.... It happens again.... when the owners' son of the restaurant, who are family friends of ours, found out about the order. He called his Father and told him about the situation.. Resulting in the owner, calling my employees back saying "All will be delivered, bring no money, this is our gift to Nick and his family." Again, Divinity's inspiration to others as to answer the question "How does it get better than this." Again, I just clean, I don't know, I just surrender to Gods Love .. So, Mabel, today as I experience so much Love from everyone, I look to Divinity saying Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.. I Love You The question arises again, "How does it get better than this?" That will be another email, because at this moment, I don't know, I just need to clean and Love. Merry Christmas, Thank You also, I Love You all.

--Nick, USA

Thank you Thank you Thank you...So amazing... just now your email came in. I joined the Flor de Lis Peace movement. It started to rain enormously and I had seen earlier today the wind make a little spiral tornado movement of the sand.. my mind got the message tornado just pop up and are there, just like that. Now the heavy waterrainfall came with heavy lightning and strong power and I stood up with the knowing if I let this be in my fear what it can be, this can harm us people. So I started to stand up and I told the north the west the south the east I put the Flor the Lis on this situation then 4 times more I said to each direction: Northeast I put the flor de lis on this situation, to the eastsouth direction I said I put the Flor de Lis on this situation. The rain was banging on the windows, the lightning was strong, it was darker, and I told my fear with a strong voice I put the Flor de lis on this situation to all directions, 8 in total. And it is done. Then I turned swirling round Thank you I love you Thank you I love you and it calmed down. Now within 15 min the rain has stopped. For me this is a miracle. Thank you for the Flor de Lis to clear all situations.and catastrophes before they fulfill. Thank you so much Flor de Lis for being on this situation.Thank you Mabel and Mirta. Thank you for this beautifull moment in time. Thank you all helpers so much Thank you Thank you Thank you And it is done. Lightswitch Dewdrops All Coleurs xxxxx to you all.

--Marianne, Netherlands

Hi Mabel, I am Elena, from Romania and I want to tell you some of changes that occurred in my life in the last 6 months. I heard about Ho'oponopono last year and I read Zero Limits by Joe Vitale in October 2010. I was on a course with you in October 2010, March 2011 and last weekend June 2011. Ho'oponopono changed my life, changed me.

1. Beginning for me, it was not easy to say moment by moment Thank you or I love you ..... , but now it is easy.

2. Until February 2011, I woke up at 5.30 am, every morning, I arrived at the office at 7,30 am and I came home after 11,00 pm. Now I wake up when I can and I am not staying in the office after 6,00 pm (and I solve all tasks).

3. 90% of my colleagues always avoided me because I was in conflict with them (I work for a big company, 3500 employees). In the last six months I had only three conflicts (minor) and my colleagues are very nice with me. I detached from all the problems that are here and this is a state that still I am not confortable (and I still clean).

4. Many people asked me: What do you do?, What do you take? (drugs?!), What do you eat? Because now, all the time, I smile or make jokes. (I didn't do this until 6 months ago)

5. Until February 2011, I was living with my brother who is HIV positive. I was afraid to let him live alone. On February 7, 2011 I moved into a new apartment and I still clean with my fears.

6. Inside of me is peace and I can sleep.

I am sorry for my English, I still learn. Thank you for all and especially for appearing in my life.

--Elena, Romania


HO'OPONOPONO HAS SHOWN ME THE WAY TO REACH COMPLETE LIBERATION If I had to describe my experience with Ho'oponopono with just one phrase, it would be: "Ho'oponopono has shown me the way to reach complete liberation", Mauricio Echeverri Gil. My beginning with Ho'oponopono took place three years ago, after an event I considered tragic at the moment…. My wife was diagnosed with cancer (thank you, thank you, thank you). From then on, I embarked on a tragicomedy directed by my own intellect. The story took place in my country: Colombia, its characters were my dear ones, friends, acquaintances, etc. In the plot, the victim of fate (myself), who used to have a peaceful and unworried life, finds out one morning that his fears (memories) have come true: his wife suffers a potentially deadly disease, his job opportunities close up, his relationship with his wife becomes that of two people who shut down during a bad period waiting for the right time to start living again. Of course, my leading role in this drama production even turned out to be attractive, since all the other actors (friends and family) gave life to my character following the script I dictated (today I understand this is literally true and that all of them were my creation and acted governed by my memories). A colloquial expression frequently used in my family goes "He is undergoing the lice period"; this means "seven years of bad luck"… I automatically tuned in to this memory making it my own (I'm sorry, please forgive me for whatever has created this)… While humanity was getting ready to make its transition to the Aquarium Era, I was getting ready for the Lice Era; that was my sentence, my decision; that was what the intellect dictated me, what guaranteed my ego its status as the star of the show. Fortunately, all the sides of my life (job, couple, health) started to fall apart. I call this fortunate because the storm of my ego was so strong that it pushed me to the shores of spiritual practice, which would have been impossible for somebody like me, slave of the symbols of his own ego and skeptical by definition. If I decided to list these symbols, the task would be endless since they make up the baggage of all the memories I have been gathering through countless lives and that I have lived since the beginning of creation up to the present. When I reached the shores of the spiritual practices, I felt overwhelmed by the pandemonium of gurus, healers, priests, motivators, spiritual guides, astrologist, numerologists, conjurers, witches, wise people, meditators, shamans, etc., all of them self-proclaimed owners of the truth and of all kinds of spells that would allow you to reach the nirvana on earth. Amidst this Vietnam of solutions to the problems of the being, I decided to experience a lot of things, apart from inventing my own recipes with the best ingredients of the thousand dishes available. Through this process of trial and error, I was found by books (yes, the books found me) which made me aware of the fact that the outside world or my known universe is the result of my own creation!!! I practiced many things with variable results; finally I came into an article by Joe Vitale about Ho'oponopono entitled "The most unusual therapist in the world". At this point I felt in my heart that this mysterious Hawaiian problem solving process would enable me to reach the elusive nirvana. After reading the article of Joe Vitale, I frenetically gave in to finding out more about Ho'oponopono, so I asked the universe for information on the subject and it said "your wishes are commands", immediately afterwards, the heavens opened up unleashing upon me a storm of information full of scents, colors and flavors. I started to include all the Ho'oponopono tools available on Internet to my practices. At first, the technique appeared to be the perfect ingredient for my own recipes to soothe the matters of the being… if Dr. Hew Len found out about my enhanced techniques he would be green with envy… However, to honor the truth, at some point in my feverish incursion in the theories of self-improvement I came into the book "The Easiest Way" by Mabel Katz (thank you Mabel). From then on, I started to understand with the intellect and with the heart what one and the other need to know in order to find the right and perfect solutions to my problems. At the same time, as I started to clean more and more with the Ho'oponopono tools, I also started to find the right information for me and many of the answers to my questions started to arise magically in the tapes of Mabel's interviews and workshops available on the Internet (thank you again). By the way Mabel, I'm cleaning to find the easiest way to the seminar you are giving in Colombia. How does this story end? As I learned to clean, I magically run into people who held out their hands to me, also a lot of doors I had not taken into account started to open up for me. Looking back at things, I realize that the lifeguards of the cosmos appeared when I really cleaned all the time, unfortunately I only did this during the hardest periods (the biggest challenge of Ho'oponopono is to do this all the time, that is why I have written this article as a reminder for myself). Without doing anything except Ho'oponopono, the plot of the tragicomedy I had unleashed upon my life started to unfold. I can now understand that I do not need anything or anybody to solve my problems, I just need to take 100% responsibility for everything that happens, If I create my own reality, through cleaning I can rectify everything that is not right and perfect. In this way, I can defeat the demons, that is, the memories I carry within myself. My wife's health. My wife with her innate wisdom never empowered her disease, she never complained, never resisted herself, she just turned the pages of what were tragedies for me: the hair loss, the symptoms of chemotherapy, surgery, the burns of radiotherapy, etc. When I contacted her with Ho'oponopono and we started finding new answers to our questions on this process, she just smiled confirming what she already knew, that the disease was just an illusion, a reflection of something and that you only needed not to empower it. Somebody told my wife that in a previous life she had been a shaman, a healer, and it must be true: while she levitated over the problem and healed herself letting go, I fought against her disease described by a doctor as a beast with the feet of a mouse and the head of a dragon. Fortunately, I found Ho'oponopono to help me let go, thus preventing me from dragging my wife into the swamp of my own fears. Today my wife is healthy: the regular medical examinations come out perfect. Our relationship We found the wisdom to let go of the hardest moments, today I know for sure that we are together because we have a lot to clean; we have coincided in this life and in this time to rectify the tensions between men and women that have taken place since the beginning of our species. With Ho'oponopono we have managed to exorcise every black cloud that hovers over our relationship; today our couple is stronger than three years ago. Our professional life When my wife's treatment was in its hardest stage, I found a well-paid job, relatively stable and which supplied my ego with a sense of power and superiority. This experience turned out to be one of the biggest turning points in my professional life since I had never had such a bad relationship with my bosses; besides, everything seemed to be conspiring so that things would have a negative outcome. I did enough Ho'oponopono and the right thing happened, that is, precisely the opposite of what I was hoping for… The relationship with my bosses did not get any better and after a year my contract was not renewed, nor did I care either, but the goals were achieved and so I walked out with my head held high, this time with the intention of working independently. After some time of not being able to find a job, my economic situation was critical and as a consequence I started practicing Ho'oponopono all the time. That is my Achilles' tendon, I only remember to do it constantly when the water is about to reach my neck (thank you, thank you, thank you). The results were immediate: I got a job offer which allowed me to organize my own timetable; besides, to my surprise, one of the dreams I had since University materialized… My two best friends, who were my bosses, decided to set up our own consultancy firm, for a decade, every year without exception we had found the right excuses not to start with it. However, out of the blue, one day in which I was out of town (I live in Bogota), they called me and told me to go back in order to formalize my partnership in our new society. Today the company is one year old, in this period we have had 6 prosperous months and six with a frozen turnover (during the 6 prosperous months I forgot to do the cleaning, thank you, thank you, thank you). Yesterday, January 19, 2011, I felt the urge to write this article, originally with the intention of having it published. However, when I typed the first letter I realized that this would be a cleaning exercise and it was. With each word and each line, hundreds of things over which I have been able to clean started to come up… Yesterday I dedicated three hours of the morning to this text, and about 8 pm I received the call of one of my partners to let me know that we had won a tender that guarantees the operation of our company for ten months… Is this merely a coincidence? Now my business has enough to operate with, we just have to start producing with it and while I write this I am cleaning in order to find the easiest way to our financial consolidation. On January 4, 2011, my wife received a job offer for a year; this new lifeguard appeared after eight years of doing intermittent jobs. Mmm! As a mathematical rule, this new gift came after two critical months in which we remembered to clean permanently!... How powerful my intellect is, it manages to pull me out of the road towards nirvana in order to take me to the valley of tears of my own ego! To round up I want to make clear that these words have been written for myself, the few hours I have dedicated to this task have been assumed as a meditation to continue cleaning those memories in me that insist in perpetuating the tragicomedy I have just shared. I perfectly understand that all those who may read these lines only exist inside me, so if anybody is inspired to clean anything that might arise, he or she would only be helping me reach my complete liberation. From this moment on, I end my tragicomedy and let the curtain of life go up again. May a new show start then, this time with the strong serenity of knowing that this world that serves as the stage for our lives is not a valley of tears, it is only a valley that has the inscription "Peace starts with me" written upon its entrance.

--Mauricio Echeverri Gil

I love this practice of Ho'oponopono.

What seems like an ordinary cleaning opportunity can be so much more. I love how Mabel says," we never know what we are cleaning." And How Dr Len says" Just do it!" I keep both of those things in mind as I go through my day. I am so lucky that both my sister and I clean. So the other day seemed just like every other. She and I chatted on the phone. It's awesome because as she talks I clean and visa versa. We were as usual discussing our kids, school starting, our pets, regular things and suddenly I got this image her husband wasn't well. I asked her about him. And she said he was away on business. The next thought that came was Ice Blue. I asked her if she cleaned with him using protection. She said not really. I expressed my concern for his well being. We both began to imagine him surrounded by Ice Blue. I imagined a grid of Ice Blue going through his body all directions. We also began discussing a tool of seeing him leave the house and return home well. It's so funny because our Grandmother used to say I see you leaving well and returning even better, when we were small. Who knew that was a cleaning tool. All throughout the day when he came to my mind, I would say Ice Blue.  I mentally saw myself in a waterfall of Ice Blue all day. I kept hearing if I am okay, everybody is okay. So I focused the Ice Blue on me, my thoughts, any and everything when I remembered to clean that day. A few days later my sister called. She said remember when you were suddenly concerned about my husband and you and I used Ice blue on ourselves and on him. Well that day he was on his motorcycle riding for work. He was riding fast and his bike wouldn't slow down. He skidded out of control.  His body and bike skidded for a long time before it stopped. He said he just laid there. He is a very experienced rider and knew he must be badly hurt. His team came to his aid. And miraculously he walked away without a scratch. I am so appreciative to have this practice of Ho'oponopono. Cleaning myself first and all that comes to my mind. Thank you Morrnah, KR, Dr Len, Mabel and all of those who chose this path to Peace. Peace begins with me, Peace of I,



Thank You, Mabel, for speaking about giving God permission. I never knew this before. But when you talked about this on the teleseries, a light went on, so Thank You. I loved the Zero Frequency Tele-Coaching Series. I'm going through it again. So here is my WOW story. I got a new digital book and before I started reading it I said to God you have my permission to stop me from reading this book if it is not perfect and right for me. Meanwhile, I will clean as I read. And I did. There were some interesting parts that sounded a bit like Ho'oponopono, having to do with our ancestors and DNA and our subconcious, etc. Then there were some things written that just didn't sit right with me. Clean, clean, clean. I got to the end of the book and there was just the process to read, and I thought to myself I'm too tired to read anymore, I'll just print the rest of the pages and read another time, so I got out my printer and again I said "You have my permission to stop me at any time, God". So I started to print. The first page to come out of the printer was a cleaning I did for Daphna's dog Jimmy. Then the next page to come out of the printer was the first page of the book, the book title. I had only wanted the last pages printed and where did this cleaning for Jimmy come from? All I can say is God had everything to do with it. I remember you saying you can only ride one horse. In that instant I stopped in my tracks (of thought). HO'OPONOPONO is the first and only horse I choose to ride. So this morning I'm having a bath, and I was talking to my inner child and playing and laughing, and the memory of the book comes to mind, and the cleaning I did for Jimmy. The thought that came to me in that moment was: "I'm not a dog, I do not take commands, if you haven't noticed our names are opposite GOD--DOG". WOW let me say that again WOW I'm still in awe, was that a memory to be cleaned? was that God? I don't know, I will just keep cleaning. Whatever it was I see it as a blessing that I Am so grateful for, the MESSAGE, THE PROCESS. We don't know what we are cleaning, maybe at that time I was cleaning for Jimmy it was meant to come back to me ten fold. I don't know, and it did come back to me in ways only God has a way of showing us. Ever since that weekend I have been at PEACE with everything. Now in this moment I add AWE and WONDERMENT. And what a sense of humour God has, I LOVE IT. Thank You I Love You Peace Be With You Peace Love & Joy

~Denise, Canada