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You can delete the mental files that cause depression

Mabel Katz


”Instead of getting depressed, it is easier to be in our natural state of happiness, and it is very easy to achieve it.”

It’s World Health Day on April 7 and this year’s theme is depression. According to the World Health Organization, this condition shockingly is the leading cause of disability worldwide, with 300 million people suffering from it, so I am not surprised that I’m asked frequently whether Ho’oponopono can help to eliminate it.

The answer is very simple because, as I always explain, with the practice of this wonderful old Hawaiian art for eliminating problems, interpretations and self-limiting thoughts, such as those that cause us to sink into sadness and discouragement, these can be erased.

Depression can stay forever out of your life by choosing to live in the present moment, in what I called Zero Frequency® because it allows you to eliminate mental files or memories that can cause damage, even subconsciously.

We also have to ask ourselves: What does the person who lets themselves become discouraged and unhappy achieve? Perhaps get the attention of the people close to them so they can take care of them? Is that why this behavior becomes a habit, even “natural” and “accepted,” that we become addicted to being depressed?

Osho, the Master Zen said, that in order to let go of what makes you miserable, you need to be willing to let go of the benefit you think you are getting or you will get from it.

Sure, this is not a conscious level, which is why people have a hard time taking 100% responsibility. But actually realizing is just your programs, you can set yourself free from them.

You have to put a lot of effort into being depressed; it’s easier to allow ourselves to be in our natural state of happiness. This is easy to achieve; you just have to “decide” to do things differently and not to engage, and give the power to these replayed memories. Move and stretch the muscles of the body for the energy to flow. Even the very act of smiling — as most would agree — causes a feeling of great well-being. It’s been proven that smiles are contagious and helps keep everyone from being depressed!

On the other hand, did you know that depression often has to do with the lack of water? Although it seems incredible, hospitals use hydration to stabilize mood, so even just drinking the vital fluid helps us to feel better.

If the hydration comes from Blue Solar Water, even better. Blue Solar Water is one of the tools we use in Ho’oponopono, this ancient Hawaiian art of problem solving that I teach, and that helps us erase those programs in our subconscious mind that attract depression an so much unhappiness to our lives. Most of these programs comes from ancestors!

On the same subject, I remember a student who called me a while ago, very depressed, and because of how bad she felt, her doctor wanted to admit her into a hospital for the mentally ill, which would stop her from attending the training that Ihaleakalá and I were giving in San Diego, California.

We recommended using the Ho’oponopono tool of 3/4 glass of water and after doing so, she was able to drive to San Diego, where she arrived with a big smile saying that after changing the water three times, she felt like new.

Another exemplary story is Teresa, a student from Ho’oponopono who suffered a breakdown. They feared the worst because she had very high blood pressure and her heart might stop. She was even afraid to fall asleep and not wake up again, which led her to a constant state of anxiety and panic.

Teresa lived in Hawaii and since the doctors could not help her, she had no choice but to go to the emergency room. She was admitted to the psychiatric ward where she was given high doses of antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications. She was hospitalized four times in four years in a psychiatric unit without resolving her great anxiety and emotional pain. What the doctors did was prescribe more drugs, but since they did not go to the root of the problem, she deteriorated.

Later, she moved to San Diego, where she began to study energy healing and found the Ho’oponopono method whose cleansing processes she practiced religiously. To her surprise, according to her testimony, after discovering the Ho’oponopono seminar that she described as “a beautiful, perfect, sacred, miraculous process,” she was able to throw away the addictive antidepressants.

In conclusion, it is indispensable to be aware that if the memory of a depression tries to occupy a place in your life, know that you have a choice! And remember, to release depression you can say “Thank you” or “I love you” and doing so, you let go and let God (Love), who knows best how to erase these memories that keep controlling you and taking you to the past, and to fill your heart with beautiful things. Choose to let go of depression and sit in the driver’s seat!

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Mabel Katz

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