These are times that invite us to wake up. Those who manage to look at the reality beyond the veils, deepen the consciousness that we and the planet need, especially during these days. Divinity is always talking to us, that's why we should pay close attention to the messages that are everywhere. Many times in the frenzy or the worries of everyday life we can overlook everything that the Universe has for us.

There are special places where we achieve a greater connection with the Source. In these places, it’s easier because we flow more easily in our opening to the All. One of them is Mount Shasta, also known as Mountain of the Gods. Place of many energy vortexes, the base chakra of the planet, the intra-terrestrial city of Telos, the Etheric Temple of Saint Germain; a sacred space of the planet that since 2016 has also provided a lot of information to our community, to understand what is happening to us on an individual and also a collective level.

It is my wish that you register now and live this experience.

I know it will change your life.


A Special Program by Mabel Katz

Meditations - Channelings - Conversations - Inspirations.
Messages received from great masters at Mount Shasta Vortexes!

This program contains all the same wisdom as the original journey.
Same Spiritual Giants.
Same Awakening.
And Love.

Because it’s virtual—you can experience it all from the comfort of your home.
We will let you know every time we upload new content.
You will be able to watch the recordings whenever it is convenient for you.

Your Virtual Journey Begins Now

Mount Shasta is a true sanctuary.

For as long as man has walked the earth, mystics, and explorers from around the world have come to Mount Shasta, California, to connect with the cosmic energy that has made it so famous. Called one of the most powerful places on the planet, Mount Shasta is said to hold a dimensional door to another reality, an entrance to the underworld, and an initiating place for newcomers who venture into its mysteries.

And now through the power of our virtual program, you can transcend time and space and experience this virtual journey for yourself.

Whether you’re at work, on your front porch, or in the privacy of your bedroom, the wisdom, knowledge and experiences from this journey will travel to you and become a part of who you are. All you need to do is allow it to enter into your life.

Join me on this virtual journey and let Mount Shasta shake you with its energy, beauty, and wisdom.

Let Truth come to you.

We know that right now we can't go together as a group, but we do want to share everything that this magical place has to offer today. With great pleasure, we are happy to announce this awakening event from Mount Shasta to virtually continue our work on uplifting the planet.

Join me, Maykert, and Ashalyn, a local and amazing spiritual guide, as we connect with the ancient wisdom that allows us to clean our energy and be closer to our core identity.

In The Mount Shasta Virtual Tour Experience you will find lots of inspiration and knowledge that will help you:

  • Let go of your fears
  • Trust more.
  • Learn how to transmute
  • Receive answers to your questions
  • Stay more connected with Spirit
  • Live in a higher frequency
  • Discover yourself
  • Realize your inner power

What Do You want to Attract Into Your Life?

“Our only job is to let go and be open to receive.”

At the start of each morning, we must all ask ourselves the same question: what do we choose to bring into our lives? What magic and truth will we allow?

while these are important life questions, they can only be answered if we “Let Go” and “Let God” take over. We have to be open to receive. This is where the magic begins.

In the mystical world of Mount Shasta, truth awaits those brave enough to seek it.

Let us meditate together. Learn. Grow. Become who you were always destined to become.

Together, let us allow our cleaning to become more powerful than ever, producing important changes for the future of our planet, and ourselves.

Join the thousands of people that have already traveled with me—virtually and in-person—and witness the quantum leaps and breakthroughs of your internal structures. 

Open yourself to the beautiful gifts that the universe is offering. 

Clean, heal and grow… and do it all from the comfort of your home.

It is a gift to yourself and the planet.
Ho'oponopono was once again confirmed by Saint Germain, when, during the Mount Shasta experience, he asked me for one of my Flor De Lis pins!
Did you know that Saint Germain also uses the Flor De Lis to transmute?

Here you can start Enjoying some of the Great Information and Inspiration you will get when you Sign Up for the program.

  • The Creator has reminded us that we have made some decisions before coming here.
  • The Creator told us in Mount Shasta why people feel so much hatred.
  • The Creator talked to us in Mount Shasta about the terrorism and what is happening now.
  • God confirmed we can ALWAYS call Him. He is ALWAYS there for us.
  • A rock in Mount Shasta told us lies and cheating will not work anymore.
  • A rock in Mount Shasta talked to us about TRUSTING.
  • Saint Germain empowered us in Mount Shasta.

We will let you know every time we upload new content.
You will be able to watch the recordings whenever it is convenient for you.