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I am in Punta Cana and I just finished a presentation for an investment firm’s top producers. They hired me to talk to them about the importance of including spirituality as part of their lives.

The director of the company told me, “these people do not have money problems, they know perfectly well how to attract it,” and he went on to tell me that since most of them were young people, he thought it was important for them to realize that real happiness went beyond being able to buy everything they wanted.

As you know, this is exactly what led me on my quest. I had it all, but I was not happy.

That’s right, I had everything a person could want: a big new house, new cars, enough money to travel and buy everything I wanted, a husband who adored me, and two healthy and beautiful children. However, I was not happy. Instead, as I mentioned above, I was a very angry and dissatisfied person. Nothing was enough.

Sometimes we look for that happiness in the wrong places. We think that certain things are going to make us happy, but then we realize that they are not and we continue on that search that never ends.

We look for it in the wrong places.

Money is not bad, on the contrary. What it it’s bad is to put money first. When we do things for money, everything seems difficult, it comes but disappears from our hands quickly.

We must find what we love to do, something that gives us happiness and satisfaction and that we would be willing to do even if we were not paid. We are all born with certain unique natural gifts and talents. There is something we can do better than anyone else. It is something that we have inside us and that does not necessarily require a university degree.

Abundance and prosperity have to do with our consciousness. When we know who we are, we know that we already have everything we need. At that time, we are already rich. By opening our hearts and trusting, we give permission for everything to manifest in our lives.

Please, watch this video and don’t worry about money anymore:

I loved this experience of being able to talk to them about the help and support from an invisible force which is always there for us. This is exactly what changed my life because it was Dr. Ihaleakalá who introduced me to a whole new world.

All this opened my mind and allowed me to combine different programs which I can share with you, such as the Zero Frequency – Brainstorming program, where you will find the support of like-minded people to help you find your #1 Passion!

Stay in the flow and let the Universe surprise you with the magic to transform your life.

With love,

Mabel Katz

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