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The importance of being with the Family

the importance of being with the Family Mabel Katz

Happy day, happy week!

Today I want to tell you that I feel very proud and happy about the Ho’oponopono Family we’ve started with hundreds of people around the world. I know there are many things that you feel are not working in your life, and only by letting go and trusting moment by moment, is that you will be able to attract more peace in your life.

And do you wonder how? Well, start doing today what will get you closer to where you want to be tomorrow; and this is what we are here for. This is what our Ho’oponopono Support Program is all about. Our Ho’oponopono community has shown us after so many years, that it keeps our members in perfect harmony of Ho’oponopono cleaning and peace.

Besides weekly inspirational posts and audios, a private 24-7 cleaning forum where you can feel supported on your worst challenges, daily inspirational cards, and an exclusive library of audios and videos; you can also participate LIVE on Zoom in my monthly classes, where I respond all your Ho’oponopono questions.

Please click here to check the time where you are. If you cannot be LIVE, you can always send your questions in advance and receive the recording 48 hours after the class.

If you feel the calling and join our Ho’oponopono Family, wel’ll meet LIVE tomorrow Thursday, September 29th at 12 p. m. (Los Angeles time) where I will show you how to transform your life’s most challenging obstacles into a journey of love and peace. Remember, some challenges could make you weak, while others help you gain strength from. Depends on your attitude!

Take a look at what Ilaya shares about her experience:

Play Video about the importance of being with the Family

When you commit to consistent support, you get consistent results. Click here and discover all the benefits of being a member.

I am looking forward to sharing with you. We are the Family you are looking for. We are always there when you need us!

With love,

Mabel Katz

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