I am a new member and I have just started to use the site. I participated last year in Romania in your courses and from that moment I applied Ho'oponopono method on a daily basis. I am using a few tools to help me and my family to solve our problems.


I have to recognize that I do not like complicated things and for me Ho'oponopono seems to be something that is matching perfect with my way of been . I observed a lot of good changes with my family, without telling them anything about this technique, because they are not so open. Regarding myself, I started to feel less fear, less guilty....


You know, from the first moment when I became a member, I feel that ''someone'' is supporting me, is helping me from the distance even if I am not present on the site - it was a feeling that gave me a lot of peace and safety. I do not feel that I am alone anymore trying to solve my problems and I am so grateful for this. In fact I know that I am not alone and God is protecting me all the time, but I like to communicate with other people around, and I have a different feeling also, when I interact with other members with whom I may talk and from whom I may receive support.


From all these things and many more, I would like to thank you and to say that I consider myself very lucky, because I met you and I am able to communicate with you through this tool.


I will start to use more often all the tools that I find on the site and I will use the library also. If I have questions I will come back to you.

Thanks a lot for everything and for the support that I feel every day, even if we do not talk directly .


Have a beautiful evening!


- Mirela, Romania