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This teleseminar is based on Ho’oponopono and Mabel’s unique philosophy of Zero Frequency®.

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Listen to Mabel Katz’s Teleseminar on Secrets to Easy Business Success based on an Ancient Hawaiian Philosophy called Ho’oponopono and Mabel’s unique philosophy of Zero Frequency®. Get the secret tools to solve any problem and obtain your business goals on an unconscious level.

You might have heard of the shifts happening in the world. What worked before won’t work in the future. It’s time to open our minds so we can be successful in the evolving global community.

Hooponopono Business



You are moments away from connecting to an impactful philosophy and resources that will accelerate your career and your business…

Sign up below to get access to the Secrets to Easy Business Success Teleseminar. Plus Mabel’s excerpt from the business anthology Inspiration to Realization will be yours for free to give you an overview of this innovative business secret.




During the Secrets to Business Success Teleseminar you will learn:

  • – The secrets at a subconscious level to obtaining your business goals
  • – An innovative path to perfect and in synch business relationships
  • – How to obtain clarity for increased productivity and accelerated success
  • – The benefits of taking 100% responsibility for solving any kind of problem
  • – How to reconnect to your purpose and passion for business success with ease

Plus get Mabel’s excerpt from the book absolutely free

Excerpt from the book Inspiration to Realization: Self Identity=Business Success

Mabel explains the steps to bring more success to your career or business.
She shares the simple tools she used to get out of her own way to start her business and flourish with ease.

We know that after listening to this Teleseminar you’ll want to have the Business Q&A Podcast. So we put them together in a bundle with a US$25 saving!


Class duration and replay: 90 minutes


  1. Avatar

    Cristi, Romania

    I have a service company and I work with big clients.
    Once, I was participating in an auction (bid) for a contract with an important Bank here in Romania.
    In the first step of the process they asked me for a lot of papers, including a financial statement that demonstrated I didn’t have any debts. This was very complicated for me, because I had debts of around 20.000 Euros and this paper was mandatory to go to the next step of the process. So I’ve started to practice Ho’oponopono and I received an inspiration: I asked them if I could send the paper after one month and they said yes. That was very unusual and even illogical (I have an Accounting Bachelor’s Degree and I know how things work in this area). I thought that if I’ll go to the demonstration step, I’ll find the way to borrow the money after. I decided to let go, didn’t think about it, and I’ve just kept practicing Ho’oponopono for 2 weeks.
    One day, I received an email from them, and I’ve thought they’ll ask me for the paper. To my surprise, they called me to negotiate the prices and they never asked for the paper, or the demonstration of my services! After that, I’ve signed a one year contract with them. I was able to pay all my debts with that money I received from this client, and my business is growing. Ho’oponopono works!
    I also would like to share that I’ve renegotiated a contract one week ago, and I didn’t use any of the negotiating tools that I teach people in my classes! I just did Ho’oponopono and taking 100% responsibility. I told Mabel via Skype I was worried because they wanted a big discount from me and Mabel reminded me not to worry or think about it, to go and have fun, detach and go to the meeting like a little child and no expectations. I did, and guess what? They never mentioned anything about my fees and they cut a check right there for me for the amount I had asked them for my services without any discount.
    Thank you Mabel and Ho’oponopono!

  2. Avatar

    Bruce, Australia

    Mabel, you always say exactly what I need to hear. You are simply amazing!! Thank you, thank you!

  3. Avatar

    Jo, England

    Mabel, lovely to connect with you and Mirta. Thank you for your inspiration and encouragement.

  4. Avatar

    Laara, Canada

    Thank You Mabel.

    I listen to you often… and remember to clean, at least when on my own. The work environment seems to sweep me away, at least consciously…
    The last teleclass call was really wonderful with the insights given… I love the story about the woman asking which flowers were coming home with her that day.

    I appreciate you having the class and the weekly audios Mabel, I recorded many of the weeklies together so when I drive a long way to work, I listen, in the rapture of looking at Mother Nature while I drive, and thanking everything, everything in my life.

    Please take good care, and what You do is wonderful.
    I Love You

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