7 Days with Mabel


7 Great audio recordings put together specifically for you to help you realize your dreams: 7 Days, 7 Conversations with Dr. Ihaleakalá Hew Len special guest, 7 Magical Steps Toward the Life You Imagine.

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    Ilaya, UK

    Since I’ve been listening to Mabel Katz’ 7 Days audios, I feel so much better. I get the answers to what I am looking for or get guidance. It’s quite extraordinary. Today, I saw 2 young children crying loudly as they had lost their mom. In my mind I put the Cross on this situation and asked God to help. I told the children not to worry. As we walked around the corner, the children saw their mom. I felt so relieved and my heart melted. I felt immense gratitude to God and became humbled by the experience. Service.

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    Jean-Marc, USA

    I just wanted to stop by and express all my love and appreciation for the “7 Days with Mabel” collection of audio sessions! I purchased that package a few days ago and they’ve been an absolute pleasure! Thank you! I am about finished with these and they have been so useful and uplifting, and have re-ignited my continuous cleaning with such inspiration! It is now quite obvious to me that Divinity sent these recordings to me for that purpose, as it became clear to me that I had started to be more and more focused on the tediousness of my daily cleaning, than on the profound implications, effects and meaning that is behind this sacred and beautiful activity/practice of Cosmic Service.

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    ~ Pam, USA

    THANK YOU, MABEL! Just a note to let you know how much I have been enjoying your “7 Days with Mabel” program. It happened to come to me in perfect, divine timing, just when I needed to be reminded of the importance of cleaning. You and Dr. Ihaleakalá have such special magic, and I treasure the beautiful audios with all my heart. I hope you will make additional recordings available in the near future, illuminating the miracles of Ho’oponopono, and the blessings of cleaning. I Love You.

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    Scott, USA

    Peace of I Mabel. The 7 day audio collection that you have put together is nothing short of superb . Thank You for doing your Cleaning Mabel and for being willing to be 100% responsible.

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