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Each month, I  present a live teleclasswhere I share insights on a special topic. I will guide you to easier ways to clean the memories that are on the way of attracting more peace, happiness and abundance in an easier way. The Q&A session also gives you a chance to get your specific question answered.

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Mabel, your answer was perfect. I had a lot of fun being on the stage at the event. I have been practicing Ho’oponopono a long time, and have been working with your teleclasses to help me stop worrying about money and finances. At the event, I was practicing TE AMO SOU GRATA, which helped me to stop worrying and stay at Zero.

While I loved the networking with really great companies, being there and speaking about what really matters filled up my heart and spirit with energy, confidence, and LOVE! Yes, you were right. If we have no expectations—and just practice—what is best for all of us will come naturally. With love and gratitude, I wish you a wonderful weekend.

-Sumaia, Brazil

Aloha Dear Forum, I will do my best to condense this long story. In 2007, long before Ho’oponopono existed in my life, I purchased a commercial building to operate as a vacation rental business. I did not know I was investing in “real estate hell!” The property turned out to me a nightmare money pit, costing me my entire life’s savings, and a lot more. Now, there is vast amounts of debt, and the property must be sold. Most of this past decade has been spent repairing and restoring ongoing damages, requiring everything of me. But when Ho’oponopono came along a few years ago, I learned to love the property instead of being mad at it all the time. Things started to improve unexplainably. Recently, I’ve been teaching the building to do the cleaning, and the walls have finally stopped leaking. I’m told the entire place now shines and sparkles with a much lighter, brighter, and higher vibration. Even the dying plants are thriving once again. Thanks to Ho’oponopono, a total disaster is transforming into a property that is beginning to smile. So, now is the time to put the property on the market. I’m clueless, and haven’t the slightest idea how to sell it. All I can do at the moment is clean and let go. I just want to do my part, whatever that may be. Please, if inspired, I would love some cleaning support. Thank you…I love you.

– Flori, USA

Thank you Mabel. As I grow more aware by using this amazing site and cleaning I find I am growing more peaceful. I clean as I read about what is posted and watch your videos. I am so grateful. Thank you. It’s an art to take 100% responsibility..I am practicing. Thank you and this group of light workers. Your last Q&A I found myself feeling so much lighter. I loved it. Thank you!! I love you.

– Sharon, USA

Aloha. Thank you. I just saw this reply this morning. Perfect timing. I submitted a question to the call yesterday and you helped me clean. I watched the video you sent and it was beautiful. I just spent time talking to my extensive surgeries, scar tissue, clogged right side of nose, neck, tongue, jaw, skull, stomach, nerves, depression and poverty. I loved them. Sent them love and told them they can go. Its funny. The other day, I was sitting in my office and I was annoyed about something. I then looked in my mind’s eye and saw the thought form of my frustration. It looked like a field of buzzing angry red balls, all in a tizzy. A moment later, I applied a cleaning tool to them. Ice Blue. I looked again. Amazing. There was the same field, but what I saw was this: Each red buzzing angry ball of energy was now a pale blueish white color and was wrapped in what appeared to be a cocoon. It looked like angel wings were wrapped around each individual ball. Each ball was sleeping. Peaceful. Quiet. A moment later, I looked again. Now what I saw was this: The field was empty. The cocoons were gone. There were holes in the ground where each one had laid, all in a row in this field. The holes were waiting to be filled by inspiration, in God’s time. What I realized was that when I clean, the memories are actually taking a journey. They want to be free, but in order to take that journey, they have to be able to be at peace and rest. They can not rest when we are actively hating them, judging them and holding onto them. They can rest and be at peace when we are at peace and when we clean. I felt such love for each of my memories and I am overcome with gratitude for the love of God. Thank you and I Love You. POI

– Kimberly, USA

Aloha everyone, A long time ago I posted on the forum that I have a neighbor who always complains about the noise from my apartment “with a wooden parquet” (no se que quiere decir with a wooden parquet) (by the way it is a very old hausmmanian building and it’s not isolated at all, so we can hear everyone). This situation has stressed me a lot in the past because she was very aggressive, but I cleaned and cleaned, and her complaints have stopped. This week I have a visiting dog from a friend. The dog is very nice but it’s young and likes to play a lot, so she makes plenty of noise. That makes me very stressed out because of the neighbor (she is very aggressive and disrespectful and it’s very unpleasant to deal with her negative energies). Yesterday afternoon she complained without even coming to see me, I just heard her in the corridor complaining about the dogs (because I have a small dog as well). Before going to sleep I cleaned as I always do and said to God: please God this is for you, I trust you. This morning she came knocking at my door, asking me if she could talk to someone that would understands (insinuating that I don’t), and we started arguing. As always, she was very unpleasant, but I was very calm. Then, the dogs came to the door. They started barking, and suddenly they stopped. I called “God”in my mind, and at that precise moment the rictus of her face changed and she started to talk to me in a nice manner, and said she understands that it can be hard to have two dogs in a small apartment. She asked me if this was temporary, and then she said: ok, thank you for letting me know, now I see that she is young and likes to play all the time. She ended up saying she did not want enemies and did not want any problems with me or anyone else, and then she left. I was so happy and not surprised at all that GOD came to help me immediately!!!! I trust you God now, as I have never done before, you are by my side. Thank you to all in this forum for cleaning together, a “bigger net to catch”. I love you, thank you.

– Vania, France

Thank you so much for the support in this group. I love being part of the Ho’oponopono Community, it has and is changing my life and myself as a person. Much love to everyone. God bless you all with peace beyond understanding. God is Light God is Love God is the Way God is Great Love. Peace. Light.

– Ilaya, United Kingdom

I love everything about the site! I always look forward to the monthly Ho’oponopono calls, and it’s so nice to know that they are recorded and made available to be listened to anytime. The Daily Inspiration Cards, the Inspirations & Tips audio library, the Gold Audio & Video Library and the Forum are all so wonderful. I visit the site often and always find it so uplifting. I am currently listening to the 7 Days with Mabel recordings that I recently purchased, and I’m learning so much from them! Between the Sacred Ho’oponopono membership and the 7 Days with Mabel series, I find myself letting go and letting God more and more. I’m really getting to know much more about my inner child. Many thanks and blessings to Mabel and all who help her make the site available to members.

– GL., West .Virginia, USA

I am a newbie to Ho’oponopono. I have read your book The Easiest Way to Live, I enjoyed it and felt a lot of love in it. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience. A month ago I listened to your videos on YouTube and started to practice. I felt myself growing calmer. I would have loved to join a class here in Italy but I couldn’t due to my condition and therapy. That is why I decided to reach you by becoming a Member of your group. I found it easy to access. I have been listening to the Gold Library and I have also followed some threads in the Forum. I log in daily. Thank you and a lot of Peace to you all. I love you!

– Patrizia, Italy

Hello Mabel, I recently joined the membership and participated in your last month’s call. I have to tell you that my favorite thing is the Gold Library! Those calls have brought so much clarity to my intellect. Thank you!! I am also enjoying the daily inspiration cards and the audio tips library. I took advantage of the special discount for members and got the 40 Days and 40 Nights program – I am on day 13 so far, and I love it! I am so grateful for these resources to help me remember to let go and trust! Thank You! Thank you I love you.

– Katie, USA

I am so grateful for the Ho’ oponopono Forum. I put a parking ticket under the glass of water and the penalty charge notice has been cancelled. It just seems like magic. Today I chose not to worry and to let go and let God. Thank you Thank you Thank you I love you I love you I love you

– Ilaya, United Kingdom

I love the support here!!! Thank you guys and may your dreams come true!!!

– Randy, Philippines

My heart is so full of gratitude and tears are welling up as I want to say,Thank you thank you thank you to everyone – members, admin, Mabel, God and myself!

– Lori

Thank you again Mabel for the amazing work you do. I have just come off my first live call with you and feel honored and grateful that you answered my question about my son so beautifully and powerfully. Thank you also for taking time out of your vacation!!! I hope to see you in person in Europe sometime soon Thank you thank you thank you.

– Helen, UK

I love listening to the Daily Inspirational tips morning and night and Daily Inspirational card every single day without fail. This is a God send as often whatever I am going through that day I feel I am getting the answers to when I listen carefully and follow it through.
I often re-listen to the calls and always learn or hear something new which answers my questions and helps me become more clear on my situation. I always feel better after listening to and re-listening to the Q & A calls.
I am so happy being a part of the Ho’oponopono sacred membership.
It always benefits me immensely and I do get the benefits of it.
I am deeply grateful for this Sacred Ho’oponopono Membership.

Thank you Thank you Thank you

I love you I love you I love you.

– Ilaya, UK


“Mabel, I am so excited and grateful to have found you and to now trust God and myself. I have always had a great life and I’m a happy grateful person.

I have struggled financially my entire life, and the last few years I have really focused on getting out of my struggle. This has caused more struggles because my thoughts spiral out of control with worry and fear.

Recently, I decided to not only read and participate in this forum but also to pour over your videos and audios and focus on getting out of my own way, letting go and letting God and trusting.

I’ve been repeating the Ho’oponopono phrases, and using the glass of water, but somehow couldn’t quiet the chatter, I was trying too hard. I am a grateful person but I never realized to be grateful for my worries until I listened to Mabel and WOW, what a game changer for me!!!

I tell my thoughts over and over “Thank you but no thank you I’m not buying it!!!” I thank my body, thoughts, and emotions for the good and bad. I have begun to cherish it and coddle it like my children. I celebrate my life, my walking, talking beautiful brain and again WOW!

Thank you, Mabel, I love you!”

– Lori

Thanks to Mabel, I am celebrating paying off some bills and more money is coming in. I’ve begun to talk to my money and thank it, circulating it with cash, not debit cards, and honoring its presence in my life.

– Lori

“I listen to my 6-year-old tell me “Mom, we are poor”, which really isn’t true, but like Mabel says, it’s what she’s reading between the lines with me. She’s showing me what I need to clean on. My family is happier and I’ve begun sharing Ho’oponopono with my daughter to thank everything. Our home is such a happy place, even happier than before. I am perfect right here, right now, and I am so excited to see what God has in store for this next moment and next year.”

– Lori

“I love to read and study books that support Ho’oponopono like My Stroke of Insight. Mabel, thank you…I love you!!”

– Lori

Dear All, I have been doing Ho’ooponoponofor a few years already, this is the easiest way, the answer to my life. I only would like to share with you that today, at this very moment I do not have any problems at all, no health problems, no money problems, no love problems, neither my loved ones. I’m happy and I’m free. I continue cleaning constantly, I am sure that my inner child is very used to clean all the time with me. I love you all for this wonderful community that has made a bigger net to catch all the memories. I love you memories, thank you, thank you, thank you, I love you, I love you, I love you, thank you thank you, thank you.

– Vania, France

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mabel. I am so thankful to have found you. Before I became a member, I would watch your videos on YouTube and little by little I started using all the tools that I heard you mention on the interviews, and I have seen a lot of good changes in my life. Thank you, I love you! I am now a gold member, and I read the daily inspirational cards and I listen to the monthly Q&A over and over every day. I love doing the cleaning and I never get tired of doing it. I’m looking forward to start going to your seminars once you come back to the United States.

– Hortencia, USA

Thank you all for your messages 🙂 I feel right at home already!
And Mabel, thank you for the Q and A telecall, it has given me lots of opportunities to clean, and to remind myself to keep cleaning! I let go. Thanks for being a mirror of peace. Aloha and Thank you to you all.

– Stephan, Netherlands

Hello everybody,

A while ago I published a post on the forum asking: How to communicate with the Unihipili of an autistic child?
Suddenly, for no apparent reason, my son started telling me: “Sorry Mom” or “Mom, forgive me” and even cuter “I love you Mom”… looking into my eyes.

Thank you all for cleaning.

Peace of I.

– Ana, Argentina

Aloha Mabel,

Being able to stay on the forum to keep posting, sharing and cleaning has been the greatest support for me since I joined as member a year ago, especially during this extremely stressful period.

Thank you for creating this forum, Mabel! It has helped us to stay on track and gain whatever support we require.

Once again, Thank you!

I love you!


– Julinda, Singapore

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From that foundation, she designed her unique workshops to bring her wisdom and gifts to a variety of audiences across the planet. She also authored her first book, The Easiest Way, which has received widespread praise from readers and thought leaders alike. In her talks she often shares how she has used what she has learned to move into a fulfilling and successful life of travel, speaking and working with others to create the lives they only dared to imagine.


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