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Stay tuned Cyberweek is coming soon

Today I am writing to share a question with you which I was asked a few days ago at a seminar: How is it possible that repeating a “couple of words” to oneself can bring solutions to problems as big as those related to money? I suppose that if you are here reading me, you have also asked yourself that question more than once.

You may remember the answer: the practice of Ho’oponopono is to ask for help and give permission to God, so that whatever is right and perfect come into your life. You know deep in your heart that this path exists and is the one that connects you to your purpose and your dreams. And that when you do, success and abundance are present.

I also know that sometimes we forget what we have learned, and we must unlearn, in order to learn again: And because of that, we are going to celebrate Mabel Katz’ Cyberweek, between November 21st and 28th, where you will be able to purchase my products on how to achieve success and wealth with an exceptional discount of 30 %.

As Goethe said: “The moment in which one truly commits to oneself, the Providence does as well.” And it is totally like that, when you take 100 % responsibility and decide to change, what you are looking for in life it manifests, effortlessly.

Now is the time to let go of fears and insecurities! You will see that when you do you will be surprised again and again, by the results.

Don’t let this opportunity go by, it’s only for one week!

I hope you will allow me to accompany you in your search for The Easiest Way to Peace, Happiness, and Abundance.

With Love,

Mabel Katz

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