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Sensory integration with Ho’oponopono

Sensory integration with Ho'oponopono

If there is a tool to awaken the 5 senses, it is definitely Ho’oponopono – the ancestral Hawaiian art that allows you to erase everything you are not: your beliefs, thoughts, judgments, and opinions (memories).

Precisely, what in Ho’oponopono we call memories, are programs replaying in your subconscious mind and which keep you in an automatic state of unhappiness. Every time you step away from your inner peace, every time you think you’re right or see the glass half empty, you’re letting those memories invade your precious time.

Ho’oponopono is an ancient technique, which takes you back to Zero, to your true essence, to inhabit that fullness of being that is our human right – enjoy the 5 senses consciously, take into action your life purpose, live in peace and happiness moment to moment.

Being at Zero

Being at Zero is opening yourself to all possibilities, knowing that what happens in your life is a blessing, although at first, it may not seem like it.

What you believe, create, and Ho’oponopono allows you to recreate is that limitless state of abundance that you cannot even imagine is capable of manifesting.

In other words, Ho’oponopono opens our arms so that we can receive miracles. I called it “The Easiest Way,” because it certainly is. It is the simplest way to avoid your mind going to the past or the future so that with all the senses awakened, you inhabit the present in abundance, and so that you can experience the magic of being at Zero, every day of your life.

As you carry out your spiritual practice, also remember that in Ho’oponopono, expectations are memories; and they’re the part of us that thinks we know what the right results are or how things should be. Have you noticed how your mind can lead you to judge what happens as if it knows what is right or wrong? That is why this sensory integration with Ho’oponopono is so important.

We definitely can’t avoid expectations, but when they do appear, you can let go and transmute them. And like a toddler, be open to endless possibilities – not knowing what’s coming.

If you practice Ho’oponopono, expect miracles; but still keep on letting go and erasing, so you can really see the wonders happening without prejudices or assumptions. 

This philosophy that I called “The Easiest Way to Live,” allows you to return to being a child again, and with all your senses, be willing to play, dream and laugh much more. Live each moment using all your senses.

Let go and trust.

Spread peace and love

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