IT WORKS!! Dear Mabel, beyond I have checked and tested it in my life in six months, despite that I was robbed five thousand dollars before coming to the seminar, then...
God was giving me a sign. Today my daughter got the money to buy her house, which was my goal practicing Ho'oponopono, this might serve as an anecdote for those that are new or those who may think “does it work?”, YES, it works, God gave me a message "on Saturday you were robbed, but I'll send you even more".
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. God bless you always. See you soon. I have my peace.

~  Beatriz, Argentina.

The Conference imparted an excellent philosophy which will allow us to implement important changes in ourselves and in our environment. 

~  Jorge Alanis Villareal, General Director of Colegio Americano

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and knowledge regarding the Zero Frequency® Program. Our personnel was pleasantly surprised with how something so simple - or at least that's how you conveyed it - can be so powerful and have the ability to transform us and, therefore, offer our university a greater probability of development.

Going back to zero, and letting go of negative emotions and habits can open up a new world. It's like starting over, from a new platform, where we are able to keep all of our knowledge and abilities, but eliminate all of our self imposed limits.

Continue teaching. Many of us will thank you for it. With no further ado, I wish to reiterate my deep respect and gratitude.  

~  Higinio Gonzalez Calderon, Dean of UANE University

Dear Mabel, I enjoyed so much the seminar in Tel Aviv! The minute you asked us to dance, right at the beginning of the day, I knew I was in the right place! Thank you so much for that amazing day, then I had that silly smile on my face for the rest of the day… I received what I think it is a new tool for the practice of Ho'oponopono – "live water" – in Hebrew "mayim Hayim." I have to use it and I feel it is good. Thank you again for everything! 

~  Debora

I experienced you as a really warm, humorous and high intelligent person with so much unconditional love around you! And I am really happy having found the valuable insight , that I can just concentrate of making the way , making an empty space and perfection will take place by the divine. So-stop manifesting, start cleaning!!

~  Lauretta

"Thank you for another beautiful class. I felt very much in tune with you and was able to perceive how you put your heart and soul into your teachings. You are here with us, yet many light years ahead of willing to impart your knowledge so lovingly." 

~  Hilda, Los Angeles

Thank you for the workshop in November 2012 in Moscow. It was great!
I've just watched the webinar with you and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len with Russian subtitles. 
It was great. Unforgettable. 
Mabel, thank you! You inspired me to go into practice and taking 100% responsibility. 
When I watched the video, I felt that I was in a place where everything was possible! 
This video has helped me to look at the problems that are now in my life in a different way.
Mabel, thank you. I am grateful to your team too for their help.
I am grateful to all the people who were involved in the recordings. 
This is a new step, a new level for me. 
My gratitude to all that exists in the world has no boundaries.

~ Evgeniya , Russia

I have a service company and I work with big clients.
Once, I was participating in an auction (bid) for a contract with an important Bank here in Romania.
In the first step of the process they asked me for a lot of papers, including a financial statement that demonstrated I didn't have any debts. This was very complicated for me, because I had debts of around 20.000 Euros and this paper was mandatory to go to the next step of the process. So I've started to practice Ho'oponopono and I received an inspiration: I asked them if I could send the paper after one month and they said yes. That was very unusual and even illogical (I have an Accounting Bachelor's Degree and I know how things work in this area). I thought that if I'll go to the demonstration step, I'll find the way to borrow the money after. I decided to let go, didn't think about it, and I've just kept practicing Ho'oponopono for 2 weeks.
One day, I received an email from them, and I've thought they'll ask me for the paper. To my surprise, they called me to negotiate the prices and they never asked for the paper, or the demonstration of my services! After that, I've signed a one year contract with them. I was able to pay all my debts with that money I received from this client, and my business is growing. Ho'oponopono works!
I also would like to share that I've renegotiated a contract one week ago, and I didn't use any of the negotiating tools that I teach people in my classes!  I just did Ho'oponopono and taking 100% responsibility. I told Mabel via Skype I was worried because they wanted a big discount from me and Mabel reminded me not to worry or think about it, to go and have fun, detach and go to the meeting like a little child and no expectations. I did, and guess what? They never mentioned anything about my fees and they cut a check right there for me for the amount I had asked them for my services without any discount.
Thank you Mabel and Ho'oponopono!

~ Cristi, Romania