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Seminar Ho'oponopono Santiago de Chile

Let go of your limitations and expectations
and take back control of your life.

Do you think that transforming your life is hard work? I’m about to let you in on a big secret: true transformation is simpler than you think, and it’s just a decision away.

I am Mabel Katz, author, speaker and international leader, and in my seminars I share the mysteries and ancestral wisdom of Ho’oponopono, so that you have new tools to apply in your day to day life and transform your reality.

Are you ready to take this first step towards your new life?

This seminar is your chance to let go of old structures and gain the tools of this ancient Hawaiian art that will change your life. I will present you the Ho’oponopono seminar, as I learned it from my teacher, Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len.

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When YOU change, EVERYTHING changes!

Saturday, July 06th, 2024:

Seminar: Ho'oponopono, The Easiest Way to Live

Have you ever wondered what would happen in your life if you knew how to let go of your limitations and expectations? Could you imagine all the good that would come into your life if you did, if you let go of what no longer works for you and make room for new experiences that will enrich your life experience?

In my seminar I will show you how this ancient Hawaiian art, which has changed the course of my life, works, so that you too can initiate your own transformation and start creating lasting lasting changes.

What will we work on at my seminar?

  • Letting go of limitations
  • Granting Genuine, Lasting Forgiveness
  • Going Beyond Expectations
  • Getting Rid of Value Judgments
  • Clearing Emotions
  • Breaking Free from Addictions
  • Get success, happiness, freedom, and peace, without depending on what’s going on around you.

See you at


Hotel Novotel Santiago, Las Condes Alonso de Córdova 5199, Santiago – Chile


Saturday, July 06th. Time: 11 AM to 7 PM.


* Seminar in Spanish Only. No translation available.

They have transformed their lives
thanks to Ho'oponopono.
Now it's your turn!


They’ve already lived the experience.
But now I want you to live it!


These are some of the testimonials from people who have participated in my seminars in absentia.



Be part of the cleaning!

📅 July 06th, 2024

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  • Absentee: To participate in Absence it is mandatory you have taken a live Ho’oponopono seminar with Mabel anywhere in the world. As an Absentee you will have your name on a special table called the Absentee’s table and you will benefit from the cleaning with Ho’oponopono that is done, even though you are not attending in person or online to the event.

I will be your guide on this adventure!

I am Mabel Katz, a world peace ambassador, international speaker, and one of the main references of Ho’oponopono, the ancient Hawaiian art to achieve happiness, peace, and abundance, in the Hispanic world.

For several years now I have been traveling around the world, sharing my unique awareness strategy with inmates, children with special needs, and companies looking to achieve peak performance through deeper self-awareness. I am the creator of the Zero Frequency® method, which I have shared with thousands of men, women and children in nearly a hundred cities, and my books have been translated into more than 20 languages.

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To participate as an Absentee, it is mandatory to have completed a live Ho’oponopono seminar with Mabel Katz anywhere in the world. With this participation, your name will be on a special table called “absentee table” with which you get the benefit of the Ho’oponopono cleaning that takes place, even if you do not attend in person or it is an online broadcast.

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Ho’oponopono means to amend or correct a mistake. According to this ancient philosophy, the problems that appear in our lives come from a thought, a memory, or a program that touches memories in our subconscious (mistakes) and that materializes to allow us to let go of them and erase them. For more information click here.