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Ho'oponopono TeleWebcast Q&A

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You can call for anywhere through the phone (Skype works!) or on the Web, and if you can't make the date,
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The topic of this month: Spiritual Cleansing
We all came into this lifetime to make amends.

There are two ways to correct our errors in this lifetime and you are free to choose:
Pain or Cleaning (Letting go) You can be proactive and choose Ho'oponopono, The Easiest Way


  Dear Friend,
You probably already know how powerful Ho'oponopono is. Or maybe
someone has been urging you to try Ho'oponopono.
And you have questions about Ho'oponopono and you're looking for answers.
Traveling the world I found that we all have the same questions. So here
could be the answers to your own questions.


hooponoponoExpectations - How you can live without them

hooponoponoLiving in the present instead of worrying about the future - You don't even know if you'll be alive tomorrow!

hooponoponoKeep repeating the same mistakes? The Universe is trying to tell you something.

hooponoponoThe importance of gratitude and how that can change your reality - Be grateful, you're free and alive.

hooponoponoRejection - What is the gift behind it?

hooponoponoHow to attract the perfect business partner and clients.

hooponoponoFinancial challenges? At more opposition, more blessings.

hooponoponoYou are here to save yourself only - Guess what? When you do, you save everybody else!

hooponoponoHow to be at peace no matter what - How to become deaf and blind, so you don't get distracted.

Discover how the flow of life can take you to the right place at the right time with the right people.

I wish you Peace beyond understanding,

Mabel Katz

Ho'oponopono TeleWebcast Q&A
You can call for anywhere through the phone (Skype works!)
or on the Web, and if you can't make the date,
you may still submit for questions and listen to the recording later.

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"Thank you for another beautiful class. I felt very much in tune with you and was able to perceive how you put your heart and soul into your teachings. You are here with us, yet many light years ahead of willing to impart your knowledge so lovingly."
- Hilda, Los Angeles


"Mabel, keep doing what you are doing, it's helping me become a better person." - Denise


"I would like to say thank you for your help on the call tonight. This experience was able to give me insight into how I had missed out on many experiences in my life because of the choices that I made when I was younger. A big cry helped to clear some of the old and allow in some new. I think you have a wonderful human approach which is lovely to listen to, and I hope that in my communication I can one day create a similar warmth." - Helen


"You are absolutely excellent. I thank you for the teleseminars. I listen to them all the time. I use all the cleaning tools as much as I can. My energy is always high. I love you." - Hazel

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