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Dame Mabel Katz

Mabel Katz is an internationally acclaimed author, speaker, world peace ambassador and leading authority on Ho’oponopono, the ancient Hawaiian art of problem-solving, which has evolved into her own philosophy of Zero Frequency®, a state where we are free of restrictive memories and limiting self-talk.

Combining her unique blend of spirituality with real world solutions, Mabel has crafted a series of inspiring keynotes, talks, and seminars for businesses, organizations, and individuals who are seeking to realize their full potential at work and in life.

Mabel has also been honored as a Peace Ambassador for her world-peace initiative, Peace Within Is World Peace, which was launched at the United Nations. Recognizing her humanitarian efforts and outstanding work in support of children and world peace, Mabel was bestowed both the Milenious de Paz Peace Flag award and a Knighthood from the Order of the Knights Hospitaller. On January 1, 2015 she was also awarded the prestigious Public Peace Prize.

In addition to having produced a weekly radio and TV program, writing five books, translated in 21 languanges, and sharing her much in demand workshops with global audiences, Mabel has now expanded her peace work to teaching children, including special needs children and their parents, as well as men and women currently in prison.

Mabel has traveled the world, devoting her life to one simple mission: helping others find the Easiest Way to Happiness, Love, and Peace.

Mabel is available for keynotes, talks, and seminars for executives, managers, employees, individuals, and children.

 Telephone/Fax: (818) 668-2085

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