zero frequency series part two

Are you stuck jumping from one desire to the next with no satisfaction or happiness
even when you get what you wanted?

You can free yourself from yourself by Attuning to your Zero Frequency®.
Reconnect with the energy that is already naturally inside you.
Live your life in harmony and realize what is right and perfect for you.

During the Series you will discover:

Zero frecuency one
part one

You can remove your limiting beliefs and start living the life you deserve by attending our 4-week “Attuning to Your Zero Frequency® ” Teleseminar Series with Mabel Katz.

  • Creating What You Truly Want
    How to release beliefs that limit you and how to attract and create what you truly want.

  • Creating Comfort Outside of Your Comfort Zone
    How to stretch your preconceived boundaries and excel at things you’ve never thought you could.

  • Loving Relationships
    How to enter into the non-judging space and let go the past, refocus your automatic behaviors and become centered and present.
  • Inner Peace ~ No Matter What! 
    How to remain grounded, calm, present and at peace no matter what is happening around you, because this is what is right and perfect for you to experience right now.
You can buy this serie
only for $195 
Includes: 5 hours 30 minutes of audio podcasts &
4 Action Guides.
Zero frecuency two
part two

We go deeper into that profound connection you have with your Inner Child. It’s your most important relationship in creating what you want.

  • Understanding Your Inner Child
    Did you know that your Inner Child (your subconscious mind) is your manifestor? It’s your Inner Child who makes things happen for you.
  • The Importance of Self Image
    How perception is everything and impacts your hopes and dreams.
  • Learning about The Three Selves
    How each Self must achieve its own goal and yet work in unison and harmony.
  • Difference between Letting Go vs Giving Up
    How to let go and release in order to be happy and grateful.
You can buy this serie
only for $195 
Includes: 5 hours 15 minutes of audio podcasts &
4 Action Guides.

Or you can buy it All for only $395 $147 USD*

(includes 12 hours 17 minutes of audio podcasts & 9 Action Guides)

Plus audio of the Preview Call with Mabel Katz and Personal Performance Expert, Melissa Ward to listen on your computer anytime.

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Includes: 1 hour 24 minutes of audio podcasts
& 1 Action Guide.

We also address the most important question you can ask yourself:
Who am I? Now you'll discover what the problem really is.

We looked at essential themes like love and forgiveness.

All this will help you find The Easiest Way to that Zero Frequency.

Ho’oponopono cleansing takes us to that Zero Frequency. If working with the Law of Attraction isn’t working for you, remember what Joe Vitale said: “Ho’oponopono is beyond The Secret.”

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