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Zero Frequency® - Your Natural Condition

Based on Ho’oponopono

Transform your life with Mabel Katz & Dr. Ihaleakalá Hew Len

Set yourself FREE from YOURSELF and become the real YOU by attuning to the state of Zero Frequency®.

Reconnect with the energy that is already naturally inside you. Live your life in perfect harmony, have peace beyond all understanding and find the success and happiness you deserve.

Listen to this “Attuning to Your Zero Frequency® “ seminar and learn to go back to ZERO with Mabel Katz and Dr. Hew Len.

Let Dr. Ihaleakalá and Mabel take you in a journey of self-discovery.

Mabel Katz and Ihaleakala

The Tools discovered by Mabel will help you live in the present and be more conscious,

and start attracting more opportunities to your life.

You Will Find The Easiest Way To Discover:

  • Who you really are
  • Your passions
  • What your soul is really searching for
  • Your inner power

You Can find yourself in the Right Place at the Perfect Moment 

with the Appropriate People, Effortlessly! 

Awareness is curative and that is what we do in each of these classes, become a little more aware, more conscious so that we can keep discovering who we really are, and start seeing others as God sees them instead of how we see them through our memories. 


  • The rest of your life free from the constant struggle of breaking through self-imposed barriers

  • Having balance in your life
  • Being rid of the stress that blocks greater success
  • Living life at your full potential

Mabel’s techniques will open you the doors to find your Identity, and discovering who you are is The Key. 

Allow your Passion and Inspiration to be your Compass. 


Price $ 55 USD*