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Give Yourself the Gift of Attracting More Peace,
Happiness and Freedom
Zero Frequency® Coaching Series Your Key to Financial
Fulfillment and Personal Happiness.

NOW you can Reach ZERO and break through barriers, balance life, get rid of stress and finally start living life at its fullest potential.

From: Mabel Katz

Zero Frequency® is the pure and direct way to your Natural State. Dealing with worries, problems and fears we forget who we are and the power we have. We allow our memories to make decisions for us, control us and have us believing that we know better! We lost sight of our pure and direct source, and therefore lost our true identity.

Remember when you were a child and you had no worries and believed that all things were possible? Who you were had not yet been tainted by your memories of life’s experience. The bases for your decisions, opinions and judgments, were free and in the flow. You believed in yourself. Your connection to the Universe was pure and direct. You were FREE to be YOU!

Everything about cleaning is to cleanse yourself back to your pure state (Zero), back to your child within, empty of your memories that formed judgments, opinions, and expectations, about who you are and the world you live in.

Mabel Katz
At Zero you will find the courage to follow your passion, let go of negative programming,
trust yourself, live in faith, and walk with gratitude.
“One cloud has passed, another is coming and there is a gap. In those gaps, for the first time you will have glimpses of no-mind, you will have the taste of no-mind. Call it taste of Zen, or Tao, or Yoga. In those small intervals, suddenly the sky is clear and the sun is shining. Suddenly the world is full of mystery because all barriers are dropped. The screen on your eyes is no more there. You see clearly, you see penetratingly. The whole existence becomes transparent.”
~ Osho
At Zero is where the real magic happens!
Let go of the Barriers that Hold YOU Back and Let me Help You to get to Zero!

This powerful Zero Frequency® coaching series will give you access to one of the most powerful,
one of a kind transformational tools available!

Questions you will be able to answer during the Series:
“You have to lose everything in order to be”
~ Osho

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With this “Zero Frequency®” Coaching Series Mabel Katz will give you access to powerful
tools to help you let go and erase the memories replaying that have been holding you back so
you can let Inspiration transform your life.

Now Tap into Zero Frequency® and Let the Magic Begin!

Learn to tap into an amazing power (that is within YOU) to create your life the way you
desire and deserve.
During these calls you will hear from likeminded people focused on achieving peace, happiness, success and wealth
through applying the specific processes.
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Freedom is knowing, in every moment, you have a choice. Limitation is not exercising that choice.
~ Ptaah

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In this Preview call you will find answers to:

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During the Series You will Discover:

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"Zero Frequency® Coaching Series" 4 Classes

“Make visible what, without you, might perhaps – never have been seen.”
~Robert Bresson

Did you know that Pain is like an alarm clock? Pain means change is needed or change is in progress.

Don’t be afraid of Change. Change is inevitable, suffering is optional!
Learn how to Love your Problems and to Laugh at them!

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Be yourself, everybody else is already taken
~Oscar Wilde
Are you ready to commit NOW?
I am positive that the Zero Frequency® Coaching Series
will put you on the Road to Abundance, Happiness and Peace
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