Zero Frequency® is the pure and direct way to your Natural State. Dealing with worries, problems, and fears we forget who we are and the power we have. We allow our memories to make decisions for us, control us and have us believe that we know better! We lost sight of our pure and direct source and therefore lost our true identity. Remember when you were a child and you had no worries and believed that all things were possible? Who you were had not yet been tainted by your memories of life’s experience. The bases for your decisions, opinions, and judgments, were free and in the flow. You believed in yourself. Your connection to the Universe was pure and direct. You were FREE to be YOU! Everything about cleaning is to cleanse yourself back to your pure state (Zero), back to your child within, empty of your memories that formed judgments, opinions, and expectations, about who you are and the world you live in.
Mabel Katz Peace

Your Key to Financial Fulfillment and Personal Happiness

At Zero you will find the courage to follow your passion, let go of negative programming, trust yourself, live in faith, walk with gratitude and live life at its fullest potential.

At Zero is where the real magic happens!

Mabel Katz will give you access to powerful tools to help you let go and erase the memories replaying that have been holding you back so you can let Inspiration transform your life.

If you’re like most people, there is most likely some part of you that is wondering how you can move forward with your life? How you can achieve the peace, happiness, and abundance you’ve been searching for? Better health! Stronger relationships!  New careers! More love!   Well, the answer is simple.   You keep listening to your inner guidance. And if your heart is open, it will lead you to the tools and training that will help you get to where you want to be.   Sometimes, all it might take is one phone call.

During this podcast you will discover:

  • Different processes that will help you to let go more.
  • How to ask in the right way for the right kind of help.
  • How to look for the experience when you will know that there is nobody against you.
  • How money messages you heard or what you saw and/or experienced about money are controlling you and affecting the flow of abundance in your life right now.

Class includes:

About 2 hours of content

Action guide