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World Peace Campaign

The Flor de Lis Symbol

During my travels to Israel, I always saw a Flor-de-Lis sign on my cappuccino foam.. Although this impressed me, I gave it little importance until my last trip there. One day I was having lunch alone on a beach in Tel-Aviv, when the waiter brought me a cappuccino, and there I saw it with total clarity. I felt goosebumps and wondered: “Is this a cleaning tool?” Then the feeling was even stronger. I felt a lot of chills all over my body, as I wondered if it would be okay to share it with others. More chills!

These sensations are not very common in me (remember that I am Argentine, Jewish, an accountant and Virgo). Because of all this I am always working with my intellect, but, in this case, I was sure that the Universe was trying to tell me something!

There was no doubt in my heart that this was a cleaning tool, but I decided to confirm it with Ihaleakalá, as I wanted to be sure (I was curious). At other times I had obtained my own cleaning tools through inspiration, but I knew this one was different and special.

When I asked Ihaleakalá, this was his answer:

«The Flor-de-Lis is a cleansing process that releases memories of the bloodshed of constant warfare and the enslavement of ideas, places, situations and beliefs that, in turn, cause constant warfare.

The way to use it is “I put the Flor-de-Lis on the situation.”

The Peace of I,



Dr. Ihaleakalá Hew Len

Later that day, he sent me another e-mail that said, “Our minds are at constant war with ourselves!”

Yes, I think the worst wars are the ones inside our heads. Our thoughts, beliefs, opinions and value judgments are our worst enemies. Everything we see is through our own perceptions, what we choose to believe that was either right or wrong.

If you are well, everyone will be fine. Peace begins with you.

Please don’t let your intellect convince you that it’s easier to suffer and worry than to mentally repeat to yourself, “I place the Flor-de-lis on the situation.”

We all need to be reminded, and as Ihaleakala says, “We need all the help we can get!”

Let the Flor-de-Lis symbol remind you and help you clean and release negative programming 24/7. If you’re wondering how to use it, let me tell you, you can put it in your car, anywhere in the house, or on your computer for cleaning and protection. In your children’s backpacks, in legal documents, etc. Just follow your own inspiration. You’ll know how they’ll work for you. Remember, when you change, everything changes.

The more we let go and give permission to God, the better for all of us, and the more people are cleaning, the better for all of us too. We all benefit. Whatever is erased from them, will be erased from us!

Love is contagious… So help me spread this virus all over the world.

Please share the Flor-de-Lis tool with the Entire World!

Would you like to release memories of bloodshed from constant wars and slavery of ideas, places, situations and beliefs? I do. “I place the Flor-de-Lis on the situation.”

Enjoy Peace beyond understanding!

Mabel Katz


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