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Experience Ho’oponopono… Experience Your Power…

How many times have you been caught up in a situation that seemed a lot like another very similar scenario from your past? You may have thought, ‘Different faces, different places…but I’ve been here before…many times…Oh No, Not Again!’ Sometimes the memories are still fresh, sometimes not, but All memories can be Cleaned and Erased.

Memories are Very Powerful. They replay over and over in our lives causing us to repeat the same behavior and receive the same results over and over again, even though what we really want is:

  • More Money
  • More Joy
  • More Success
  • More Peace

All of this and More is possible with The Easiest way to Attract Success & Wealth through Ho’oponopono processes. Mabel Katz is going to show you how to Clean and Erase the memories that are blocking you from experiencing the Success, Peace, Joy, and Wealth that you really want to experience. Some of these tools are the ones that Mabel used to create, not one but TWO very successful and lucrative business AND her own television & radio shows in Los Angeles AND the home of her dreams.

The new “The Easiest way to Attract Wealth & Success with Ho’oponopono Tele-coaching Series” is the only place where you can experience these cutting edge Ho’oponopono processes. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover the power of Ho’oponopono Cleaning for yourself.

The more people Cleaning, the sooner we can all go home

The Easiest Way to Attract Wealth & Success with Ho’oponopono

Unlock Your Full Potential

How many years are you going to struggle to break through your barriers, balance your life, get rid of your stress and finally start living life at your full potential?

In this new millennium people are desperately seeking powerful tools that are going to help them to finally balance their lives, break through their subconscious blocks and create more Peace, Harmony & Happiness in their experience! We are all looking for something that will immediately begin to help us create more success, wealth, fulfillment and long-lasting happiness in our experience!

Here it is the Easiest Way to Attract Wealth & Success through Ho’oponopono

This powerful Ho’oponopono Tele-coaching series will give you access to one of the most powerful transformational tools available in the world! Through these teleclasses you will break through your barriers to success, greatly reduce your stress and tap into an amazing power to create your life the way you desire and deserve.

For over 12 years Mabel Katz has been studying, practicing and presenting Ho’oponopono. She has taught people from all walks of life, all over the world. Once she realized that Ho’oponopono is The Easiest Way, she immersed herself in the process so that she could break through barriers and take her life to the next level, and teach others to do the same. Throughout her journey, her teacher, Dr. Ihaleakalá Hew Len played a huge part in her success helping her to integrate Ho’oponopono Cleaning tools into every aspect of her life. She is convinced that this close contact with her teacher is what helped her to continually produce phenomenal results in her business, professional and personal life. And Ihaleakalá is once again by her side in this series to support her every step of the way.

Mabel took the wisdom she gained and used it to work her way up the corporate ladder and excelled every step of the way. She produced exponential results in her life and went on to achieve phenomenal results in her own accounting and tax business and also her own television and radio program in Los Angeles.

Mabel started her company, alone in a rented home that she could hardly afford and within 6 months she had bought the home of her dreams and had it renovated to include offices for her new staff. Mabel then set out, using the Ho’oponopono cleaning tools that had helped her build her successful accounting firm, to achieve another life long dream—her own radio and television show in Los Angeles to help others realize their magnificence. Her show, Despertar (“Awakening”) became a huge success.

With the desire to contribute more in the world and awaken even more people to their own greatness, Mabel set out to share and support these teachings through her monthly Q & A Tele-class format and the HooponoponoWay sacred membership. Every teaching comes with learning and what Mabel learned through these monthly calls is that the #1 question people have is “How can I achieve greater wealth and success?”.

Mabel decided to walk away from her stable career to fulfill her life purpose by teaching others how to fulfill and achieve the life of their dreams.

Who’s in charge…Inspirations or memories replaying?

The choice is in the hands of the Conscious Mind

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len

This transformational program gives you…

The way to access your own personal Cleaning tools from Divinity for your specific life situation to help you break through your blocks and move forward with ease and freedom.

Interactive Transformational exercises and processes designed to – help you identify and remove limiting blocks that have been running in the background of your life, like “old tapes” repeating over and over in your life.

Now you have an opportunity to tap into the power of Ho’oponopono Cleaning tools to take your life to the next level of success and excellence! In these powerful group coaching teleconference calls, you will have access to one of the most powerful transformational tools available today. Through these calls you will join with others, all focused on achieving the same goals—success and wealth through applying the specific processes that you will learn on the calls, to breakthrough your barriers to success, greatly reduce your stress and tap into an amazing power (that is within YOU) to create your life the way you desire and deserve.

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience Mabel Katz and the power of Ho’oponopono Cleaning.

Format: MP3 – Includes 7 hours of training