8 weeks success series

“The Easiest Way to Peaceful Relationships, Wealth, and Success“

8-Week Tele-Coaching Series MP3 Set With “Special Guests”

 Can you imagine:

  • Getting compensated for what you are worth in your career?
  • Obtaining wealth and financial freedom?
  • Living a healthier life?
  • Having peaceful, loving relationships?
  • Laughing more?

8 podcasts with over 13 hours of Ho’oponopono on everything from cleaning, to taking care of yourself, from laughing with Cyrus Ontiki to your inner child. The life changing experience you were looking for.

This Tele-Series MP3 Set Includes

Class #1 – “The Secrets to be Successful”

Special Guest: Dr. Ihaleakalá Hew Len
Length: 01:21:27

Class #2 – “New Tools for Cleanup and Closure”

Special Guest: Kamailelauli’I
Length: 01:08:26

Class #3 – “How to Take Good Care of Ourselves”

Special Guest: Tricia Greaves
Length: 01:22:41

Class #4 – “If You Are Thinking, You Are Not Present”

Special Guest: Cyrus Ontiki, aka U.R. Love
Length: 01:30:59

Class #5 –  “Can We Love Others If We Don’t Love Ourselves?”

Special Guest: Mana
Length: 01:19:40

Class #6 – “The Easiest Way to Success”

with Mabel Katz
Length: 01:20:34

Class #7 – “How to Sooth Your Inner Child “

Special Guest: Mary Kohler
Length: 01:34:54

Class #8 – “What You REALLY Want “Special Guest: Cyrus
Length: 01:20:49

You will discover you are ALREADY PERFECT…

…what is not perfect are the memories and programs that are running automatically and controlling you ALL THE TIME

This is your chance to learn from Mabel AND various special guests each week of this NEW 8-Week Tele-Coaching Series AND this could be the defining moment on your journey to greater success, increased prosperity, personal and business relationship mastery.

With this “The Easiest Way to Peaceful Relationships, Wealth, Success, and How to Take Good Care of Ourselves” 8-Week Tele-Coaching Series, Mabel and special guests will present:

  • Interactive Transformational exercises and processes designed to help you identify and remove limiting blocks that have been running in the background of your life, like “old tapes” repeating over and over in your life.
  • Access to powerful 24/7 Cleaning by all in the group each week designed to address issues & challenges preventing you from reaching your full potential.
  • The way to access your own personal Cleaning tools from Divinity for your specific life situation to help you break through your blocks and move forward with ease and freedom.
  • The way to Access your creativity and inspiration to come up with your next great idea and be confident with every step you take.
  • Learn about Cleaning processes and tools that are specifically addressed to your challenges and blocks.
  • Powerful tools to help you erase the memories replaying that have been holding you back and let Inspiration transform your life.

Memories are very powerful. They replay over and over in our lives causing us to repeat the same behavior and receive the same results over and over again, even though what we really want is:

  • More Peaceful Relationships
  • More Money
  • More Joy
  • More Success
  • More Peace

All of this and more is possible with “The Easiest Way to Peaceful Relationships Wealth, Success, and How to Take Good Care of Ourselves” 8-Week Tele-Coaching Series through the Ho’oponopono processes that Mabel Katz and Special Guests are going to show you. This will help you to care for your subconscious self, and Clean and Erase the memories that are blocking you from experiencing the Success, Peaceful Relationships, Joy, and Wealth that you really want to experience.

Each of us has patterns created by memories replaying over and over again that have led us to the life we are now living. At any moment, we can choose to Clean and have Divinity transmute the memories to zero, and allow the Inspiration that is our birthright to flow into our lives, and lead us to discover our true God given talents and abilities—Our Purpose in this life.

This powerful Ho’oponopono Tele-Coaching Series will give you access to one of the most powerful transformational tools available in the world! Through these calls, you will break through your barriers to success, greatly reduce your stress, and tap into an amazing power to create your life the way you desire and deserve.

The creator of this transformational program is Mabel Katz.

Research now shows that the Intellect is only conscious of between 15 to 20 bits of information per second out of millions in reaction below its awareness!

If not the Intellect, Consciousness, then Who’s in charge? Inspirations or memories replaying? The choice is in the hands of the Conscious Mind.

“Life is a repetition of memories that are like chips, or tapes that play in our minds 24 hours a day. They drive us and influence us without us even being aware of them. We cannot avoid them, but we can choose to “stop” the tapes".

Begin to allow Inspiration to guide you Throughout Your Life Today!
Don’t you owe it to yourself to attract Peaceful Relationships, Wealth & Success?