30 days to open your mind


Are you ready to Open Your Mind in 30 days?

These videos will surprise you!

Maybe life is not what you think and…

Maybe you don’t know as much as you think you know

The more you open your mind… The easier life will become. Well, they say… ask and you shall receive…

Many students requested videos of the weird and special stories I collected throughout my years with Dr. Ihaleakalá. Stories of my own personal experience practicing Ho’oponopono, and during my own teachings around the world.

30 days to OPEN YOUR MIND, US $ 1 dollar a day, one day at a time…

During 30 days I share with you the stories that opened up my mind. Many will not make sense to the intellect. The intellect will never understand them, but remember what the genius Albert Einstein said:

They are weird stories, and I know it. I am not crazy. I share them with you because these are the stories that changed the way I started perceiving life and they literally changed and saved my life. They made me more humble. They made me realize I didn’t know as much as I thought I did. This way I learned to chose to be happy instead of being right.

I am asking you to open to the possibility that:

  • You are not alone
  • You are not separate
  • There is a whole universe out there ready to support you
  • There is a part of you inside yourself that knows
  • There is part of you that is always connected to Spiritual Intelligence
  • There is a part of you that has all the solutions to your problems.

Life could be easy. Open your mind to the possibilities.


2 hours of content