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The people from the beautiful seaside city of Maluhia know the secrets of being happy, healthy, and peaceful. And now, thousands of tourists are flocking towards the island to find out how they can live that way, too. Little do they know; the answer is simple. It’s also right in front of their noses.

In twenty-six charming stories, you will find messages that shine brightly and awaken greater awareness in readers who are young and old. These stories create the vision of how the world can truly become a happier and more peaceful place to live. They also convey how important it is to support our children’s positive imagination and beliefs, and allow them to be themselves so that they will go on to create a better world for all of us.

Maluhia is a wonderful place where children and adults will want to visit again and again to remind themselves that they can be happier

If you come often enough, you just might find yourself living in a paradise of your own.






Discover the secret to be happy!

A book that inspires adults and children

Now you can enjoy two chapters of the book for FREE.


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Maluhia audio
Maluhia book the happy city
Just listen and find yourself living in a paradise of your own.
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