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Let go and trust Stickers x10

Sticker Azul

Let the Flor de Lis symbol remind you to clean and release negative programming 24-7. Let go and Trust.

1 inch x10 Stickers.

World Peace


I invite everyone to learn the philosophy of Ho’oponopono. I am sure you will immediately see positive results.

First of all, we have to remember that peace is much more than the absence of war or violent events; peace is the absence of the possibility of war. It is a universal feeling (energy) that begins in us (Peace begins with us) and that eventually manifests itself in external events. This means that we cannot contribute to world peace, without first having found our inner peace.


To achieve our inner peace, it is very important to disconnect from the sources of fear (television, press, etc.), and try to connect with who we really are (beings created by love). It is also important that we dedicate time to activities that connect us with our inner peace (Ho’oponopono), relaxation is very important, even in the most difficult times, no matter what happens around us. If we think we don’t have time to relax, then we really need it.


Each of us must do our part. Believe me, once each of us achieves our inner peace, we will achieve world peace. Once we align our genuine intention in peace, we will make a significant difference.

This way of achieving things is true with whatever goal we set out, once we learn to put our genuine intention, we will see how we will achieve everything automatically (effortlessly).

Let go and trust Stickers x10

Let’s spread Awareness and Peace around the World together.

If we embrace the Conscious Peace Philosophy & Flor de Lis Symbol, we can inspire others to join us in this global peace movement. Let’s set examples by taking responsibility for our thoughts and actions. Please share the Flor de Lis tool with the World!! Would you like to let go of the constant warfare in your mind and set yourself free from the ideas, places, situations and beliefs that keep you stuck?


«The Flor-de-Lis is a cleansing process that releases memories of the bloodshed of constant warfare and the enslavement of ideas, places, situations and beliefs that, in turn, cause constant warfare.

The way to use it is “I put the Flor-de-Lis on the situation.”

The Peace of I,



Dr. Ihaleakalá Hew Len