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Get in the Flow with Abundance

Do you want to effortlessly attract abundance, happiness, and incredible
opportunities into your life? End your money problems once and for all?

Now Is Your Chance!

A New Study Reveals The Truth About Money Stress: It is possible to eliminate your money worries and quickly attract abundance you’ve always wanted. (And, while you’re at it, shower your loved ones with gifts in the New Year).

You just have to know how. And I’m going to help you.

But, first the facts!

Fact 1: Rich people are the same as you. Yes, it’s true. Oprah. Bill Gates. Mark Zuckenberg. These are regular people just like you. The only difference, they’ve figured out the abundance flow. But, so will you!


Fact 2: Poverty is a mindset. How do people without money talk? It’s usually just a lot of complaining and worrying. But, listen to millionaires, and you’ll hear a whole new way of talking. Abundance begins with your mindset.




Fact 3: Doing what you love attracts wealth and money. You have been lied to if you think you have to “get serious” and sacrifice everything before you can enjoy true abundance. What you really need is to be happy… and love what you do.

Fact 4: You cannot find this abundance attraction system anywhere else in the world. I share with you here very specific information, and it’s only found right here on this VERY PAGE. So keep reading.

Let’s be clear. I’m not asking you to “buy something” to solve your problems. I’m asking you to read this letter with an open mind. It is this open mind that will solve your financial problems and change your life . The program I am teaching is designed to help anyone who is struggling with money stress…especially those who are hitting an age where you’re starting to think to yourself, “I should have this figured out by now…l should be able to provide more for my family.”

But, I have to warn you : What you are about to hear may go against all the conventional advice you’ve ever heard. That’s because most abundance teachers are missing some important ingredients! “The Secret,” The Law of Attraction, and all those other manifestation formulas are just fine, but they lack the critical components that will put your mind at ease about your bills. They will never bring effortless abundance to your life. No way!

Keep reading this letter and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

You might hear friends talking about “feeling drained” by their money problems. Warning: This kind of thinking is KEEPING YOU from the ABUNDANT life that you want to live.

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Do you feel upset when you think about “money?” Most people do. Of course, these are the same people who say you have to wait for the economy to change or know the “right people” or do something dramatic (even illegal) to cover your expenses.

These are also the same people who are spending thousands of dollars on get-rich-quick schemes, or slaving away at a job they hate—and almost always leading VERY unhappy lives.

These are also the same people who have most likely done nothing to change their relationship to money in the past 7 days.

The wonderful thing is: This Doesn’t Have To Be You! You can change your relationship to money NOW!

Studies reveal that a person’s thoughts and focus are the biggest factors in creating wealth and improving one’s financial situation. But still “get rich quick schemes” fill the market place, trying to sell us on one investment or another. How can they get away with this? Because good people like you are desperate for a change and vulnerable to being misled into thinking that what you need for financial security is to own a business or find new ways to repair your credit.

Here’s the truth: you might believe you have to make a big career change or fix your credit, but what you REALLY need is to ADOPT THE RIGHT MINDSET USING A MORE SPECIFIC TECHNIQUE.

Endless hours of meditation not required

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It’s true. You don’t have to meditate to attract abundance and change your financial situation. While meditation has wonderful benefits, it’s not necessary. And believe me, I have seen countless students share stories of phenomenal abundance…all without meditation. Truly miracles.

In fact, one of my students shared with me a story about her big 50th birthday party…that was almost canceled at the last minute. It started with very sweet intentions. Her husband and daughter wanted to bring the family together to celebrate this woman’s life. But the day before the party my student found out they didn’t have enough money for all the expenses.

Now she has a big family, and people were coming from far and wide to celebrate. She could have panicked. Worried. Stressed out. Instead, she started using what she learned from what I teach in this Inflow course.

Make it InFlow Course.

She was so amazed she wrote me to say, “I am more than convinced that this technique works miracles. Thank You!”

How did she do it? Letting Go. Trusting. Being in the Flow. That’s how. And that’s exactly how YOU will do it as well.

I spent over a decade traveling with my master teacher. I learned everything from him—the secret behind the secret, plus dozens of other “effortless attraction” secrets. All I did was condense this information and make them work for busy, heart-centered people like yourself …individuals who want FAST results…without all the fancy celebrity meditation nonsense, without spending 80 hours A WEEK at a job you don’t like, and without trying to keep up with a boss yelling at you to “work harder!”

Do you believe you can own a home?

I’ll be honest. When I first went through my divorce, I didn’t think I could own a home again. After all, who would ever approve me for a loan? At the time, I was living in a rented house.

I loved it. But, my landlord told me he was selling it, so I would have to buy the house or move.

I was doing the Flow Technique without even thinking about it. Of course, at that time I was still new at it. But, it didn’t matter. The technique was working more than I knew! In fact, it worked so well that my loan for the house was approved effortlessly and the money appeared magically. And I didn’t spend a moment “worrying!”

Another Reason to Stop Blaming Everything on Your Money Problems

The woman to the left is not poor because her current problems are holding her back. She’s struggling with money because she is thinking like a poor, struggling, victimized person! She is what I call a “money worrier.” You might have experienced the symptoms yourself: staying up late at night, stacking your bills, counting your money, figuring out how you can stretch your paycheck even more. Always worrying that there isn’t enough. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There is a remedy. And it’s called Being in the Flow.

Many of my students have already discovered this Flow . They have transformed their overwhelming money struggles into an abundant life, rich with celebrations and joy. They have learned first-hand what it means to “have enough.” Finding this Flow has given them the confidence to realize that money isn’t even the issue.
Unfortunately, most people will still believe money is the problem. This thinking actually causes more struggles. In fact, it’s spreading and becoming one of the greatest problems of our time. Even worse, we’re passing these “money worrying” habits on to our kids.

The good thing is, you can stop. And stopping will change your life. I’m a perfect example. I am never one to brag, but the InFlow Information works. 18 years later and I am so in the flow that I just took my whole family and closest friends on vacation for my birthday. I don’t think about it anymore…abundance is just part of life now.

The Answer Is The InFlow Technique

However, let’s be crystal clear. It’s gonna take effort and consistency. You don’t have to work MUCH, but you do have to COMMIT.

The package I put together for you is called The InFlow Cleaning Technique or “Flow Cleaning” for short. Flow Cleaning is a highly specific approach to attracting abundance, utilizing a unique combination of simple steps anyone can follow. It has worked for hundreds of thousands of men and women. And it can work for you.

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How do I know all of this?

mabel katz 1

As an international speaker and author traveling all over the world, I have witnessed first-hand the miraculous results my students have achieved with this technique. I was blessed to work alongside the 2nd generation master of this technique, my master teacher, Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len. His work is so powerful he transformed one of the most violent and notorious mental health wards in the country without even talking to the patients. Now, what if you applied that same power to your own financial situation. Anything would be possible, right? Including healing your relationship to money… so that you can get back to enjoying a life worth living.

The Method Simply Works…

while other techniques are simply

too much work!

This just WORKS… And I can tell you I’ve seen it all! I have tried meditations, rebirthing experiences, yoga, and I would have tried “The Secret” if it was available back then! But, nothing has ever worked as FAST and CONSISTENTLY as the InFlow Method.

It works so well I wrote 5 books about it without even knowing “how to write a book!”

Flow Cleaning is birthed from ancient philosophy and tested by everyone from grandmothers who wanted to get their grandchild the perfect Christmas gift to elite-business owners who wanted to stop worrying about their financial prospects and start LIVING A TRULY HAPPY LIFE.  

And it can work for you as well!

I saved my house!

“A few months ago I contacted you because the bank was going to seize my house. Thanks to you and Divinity for your invaluable help. I not only came to an agreement with the bank, but in a short period of time I found the money to save my house. I cannot explin the feeling of peace I have now. It’s worth the world to me”

Olga, Spain

I eliminated a $6,000 debt with your technique!

“Two weeks ago I received some very bad news. I found out that a client had a debt of $6,000, plus penalties and interests, all connected to me doing his taxes. It looked like I was going to have to go to court and pay for doing his taxes wrong.


Even though I was very discouraged and worried, I remembered your words and tried to let go of my worries and practice the InFlow Technique. Well, today, I received the excellent news that I did not have to appear in court or pay for the client’s owed taxes. They determined that it was neither my fault nor responsibility . Thank you! Today, I feel so relieved because I can enjoy my savings instead of having to pay for my client’s tax problem.”

Ma. Augusta, Ecuador

It works FAST. It works EVERY TIME. You just have to be willing to give it a try. The InFlow Method contains no get-rich-quick schemes, no “fake it till you make it” advice, or inefficient exercises. Why? Because none of that stuff works, and you know it.
Remember, I have been doing this for almost 2 decades, and I don’t believe in teaching what doesn’t work. I put the InFlow Method together with the money “worrier” in mind. It’s specifically and uniquely designed to help you regain your financial stability and happiness . Just know THIS…
These Techniques For Attracting Your Dream Life
(and the money to finance it)
Are Really Hard To Find
Sure, you could find similar approaches to manifesting. After all, some of these ideas were around before many of us were even born! But much of the information I am sharing here are lessons I learned from my Master Teacher. Of course, if you really wanted to, you could read all my old articles, spend about 100 hours on Google or Youtube, and probably track down the other 50% of what I cover in the InFlow Program.
You could do that…but why?

This InFlow Program contains everything you need, all conveniently packaged in one place. In this unique program, I’ve added over 31 hours of audio, including one key audio and video book. You will also find 30 videos that are key to the whole process of changing your mindset. You’ll also find a simple to read guide that you can put into action right away. That’s it. Simple, no fluff, and right to the point.

But, also extremely powerful.

So, it’s up to you: get the guide and all the videos and audios that I’ve put together for you, or start digging around and hope you figure it out on your own.

petra -

Petra - Croatia

I finished the program within 2 days after I had bought it. I do practice everything from the book...
I finished the program within 2 days after I had bought it. I do practice everything from the book. I watch videos and listen to audio over and over again. I clean every day. I'm so grateful that Ho'oponopono has come into my life and is an important part of it and that I recognized it as such.
Petra - Croatia

Nilda - USA

Just finished all the videos from your In Flow Program!! Watching your videos makes me feel like I have a very...
Just finished all the videos from your In Flow Program!! Watching your videos makes me feel like I have a very wise and good friend who is sitting in my home, by my side, simply wanting to help me. I can’t express how meaningful that is to me. I also want to thank you for making these videos so affordable. Thank you, thank you Mabel.
Nilda - USA

Ilaya - U.K.

Just want to say thank you to Mabel Katz and her support team for the Inflow program. First I found...
Just want to say thank you to Mabel Katz and her support team for the Inflow program. First I found £20 in Supermarket then £70 in my handbag. It seems like I always have extra money since going through the Inflow program. Recently I learned that I am going to receive £1,400 in compensation, for which I least expected. It's truly amazing and unbelievable. I feel so much more relaxed about money. Mabel, thank you, thank you, thank you!
* It is the first time I completed my tax return as a self employed. I calculated it without an accountant. I cleaned before, during and after doing my tax return. Also I put it under a glass of water. I also listened to your Inflow Q &A, after this. Amazingly I worked out my payment owed at £50.10. This is great as I just went with the flow.
Ilaya - U.K.

Svetla - Bulgary

WOW! I am amazed by your Inflow Program, Mabel. Thank you for the beautiful gift!...
WOW! I am amazed by your Inflow Program, Mabel. Thank you for the beautiful gift! In the past, I have watched a lot of videos, read a lot of books, attended three Ho'oponopono seminars, and cleaned, but for the first time I feel like I'm finally in the flow. I have tears of happiness and I cannot thank you enough! Blessings to you, Mabel, and your team!
Svetla- Bulgary

Neda - USA

Hello Mabel and Team, I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you for the abundance of support you are giving us. I didn't expect this additional, much needed support! My deep gratitude...
Hello Mabel and Team, I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you for the abundance of support you are giving us. I didn't expect this additional, much needed support! My deep gratitude for all your hard work. Mabel, this is such a small amount to pay for the abundance of information you are giving us. I'd love to offer my help in return. If you need any volunteers to help you out somehow it will be my pleasure to do so. With much love and appreciation,
Neda - USA

Nino - Georgia

Thank you, thank you and thank you for your InFlow program it is helping me very much. When I was listening to Mabel...
Thank you, thank you and thank you for your InFlow program it is helping me very much. When I was listening to Mabel, I was thinking how to be in peace it is impossible, but after just practicing watching videos, glass of water, solar water, listening audios during sleep, it really works. Oh my God, I sleep deeply and in the morning when I wake up, I feel well and don't know why but I feel peace . 1 000 000 thanks Mabel.
Nino - Georgia

This Program works for anyone with the courage to take the next step.

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Over the past 20 years, I have seen one prevailing lie told over and over again…Prosperity is about working hard… but that’s completely false. 

Simple techniques…like the ones I share in this System…will work for anyone at any age, without drastic changes to your work or employment.

Here is another success story:

“My government job gives me financial aid for my disabled son. Last year, when I received the notification that they cut my son’s disability aid more than half and would only receive $ 2,000,000 (Colombian pesos). I was shocked, but used your wonderful technique.

It worked!. It turned out when I called the Human Resources office, they informed me that there was a balance amounting to $4,511,000 (Colombian pesos) so I received a total of $6,511,000… I got more than the last year with your technique!”.

 Lizette Colombia

Testimonio Lizette
I was VERY grateful to hear Lizette turn her situation around so QUICKLY. Not just for her son, but for her entire family’s stability. Wow! This is the same technique that helped me buy a home when I thought it was impossible. The same technique. Two miraculous results.

But how? Why is this technique so powerful?
Isn’t that what you really want to know?

Because the InFlow Technique has THREE (3) PHASES. And each phase is designed to give you exactly what YOU desire for your life—nothing more, nothing less.
Let me tell you about these 3 Phases…
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Do you want to buy a new house this year, a new car, pay your debts or simply stop worrying about money? Then you start with the Awaken InFlow technique. In Phase 1, I will show you how letting go and trusting will help you in achieving your dreams. I will also share a powerful technique that will help you Let Go 24 hours a day. It is easy and effective. Best of all, it will only take you 1 minute a day. I will also share with you tips from my teacher, Dr. Ihaleakalá, as well as seven tips on prosperity that will help you return to Zero—where you will be ready to receive the abundance you deserve.
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Once you start to feel calmer in your financial affairs, then you will proceed to Phase 2: Mind Flow . Here you will begin to Open Your Mind to the Same Abundant Flow. This is what I did by accident. First, I got in touch with the flow of the AWAKEN IN FLOW program, and then I spent time with my teacher and heard mind-blowing stories that opened up a mental capacity for the next level. I had no idea what was coming but with each new story I felt more effortless abundance coming into my life, even more than I had from the AWAKEN Phase. Entering the OPEN MY MIND Phase is critical to your overall abundance!

The added benefit of the MIND INFLOW Phase is that it helps you change your perception by just pressing play. This is because you are adding to the transformation of the first stage. You are also working with the subconscious mind that is so deep within you. This phase uses the sleep cycles to synch new information, so the process keeps working for you… even while you sleep.

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Here’s where all the fun comes into the picture. I love taking trips and spoiling my family and friends as much as the next person…but you know what I love more? Knowing how to be happy regardless of my external circumstances! This is a skill that doesn’t come overnight, but once you go through this part of the program you won’t be able to stop smiling and laughing.

This phase helps you understand the true place of money in the “bigger picture” of your life. This is your chance to put abundance into action in your life. And I can’t wait for you to feel the joy in your heart. LIVE INFLOW helps you tap into a lifestyle that brings you pure joy. This is where the magical expansion of abundance comes into play. So get ready to stop thinking and start living! LIVE INFLOW will not just show you HOW TO BE YOURSELF …it will help you enjoy your life. All you need to do is PRESS PLAY . Of course, as playful as it is, this is a very potent tool with incredible effects on living an abundant life!

You remain in total control!

Now, here’s the really good part (and money worriers, listen up!) You are in TOTAL CONTROL …of letting go! You simply open up your mind, apply the InFlow methods and watch how life unfolds differently before your eyes. Don’t try to control things, let go of your expectations… and trust that good things are coming.

My motto is: Take the easy route but be consistent.

Everything you need to know has been
condensed into this simple-to-use handbook:
So, let’s recap what we’ve learned so far about the InFlow Technique:

You’ve probably heard the expression, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Well, it took a “family” of very seasoned, very in-tuned, and very WISE men and women…people who lived what they preached…to “raise” me to see the truth:

The most abundant lives are forged from a very
short but highly IMPACTFUL technique.
It takes consistency, but consistency
ANYONE with ANY kind of job can do
(we’ve proven it time and time again.)


This is definitely not for everyone

There are some people I simply do not want to give this kind of power to… and I mean NO offense, but I just don’t want you to waste your time and money. Fair Enough?
InFlow Is NOT For You IF:

Don't be fooled by how simple this System looks

E=MC2 looks simple…but it’s also one of the most powerful equations in all of physics. “Simple” is almost always the best way to do anything. Speaking of Einstein, he once said, “Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

That’s what I’ve done for you: I’ve made finding peace, happiness, and attracting the abundant life as simple as possible. Not to mention releasing all those money worries.

So please: DO NOT be fooled by how simple the InFlow System looks. Simplicity is its beauty. And its power. JUST DO IT. It will work for you. Guaranteed.


Why it’s just US $97

I wanted to offer something special for the challenging times we are living in—something that would offer the tools that would lead the active seeker to an abundant and happy life.

I figured we’d start at this low price and keep it there until my team simply cannot keep up with the volume of customer support emails (I get a lot of ‘thank you!’ emails and Facebook posts and I think it’s only right to answer them all.)

I did the hard work. I rounded up this information from literally decades of studying personal success stories. For years I have watched my Master Teacher work miracles on the lives of eager yet confused people.

But I didn’t “invent” anything. I just compiled it all for you and put it into a super-simple to follow format. In other words, I think US $97 is a VERY fair price to you…and I’ll keep it at US $97 but only for a limited time.

Yes, only a limited amount will be sold at this price

After I release a few thousand copies at this RIDICULOUSLY low price, I know the servers will be taxed, as will my staff. Eventually, I will HAVE TO INCREASE THE PRICE.

The things we do without thinking,
guided and moved by our own Inspiration,
are the things usually get the best results.

Before you continue, see the table below for the price increase schedule… so it would be smart to order now to make sure you lock in the lowest price possible.
intro price

And I want to give you some
really awesome gift today...

I am supremely confident that I’m giving you the absolute BEST prosperity-enhancing system to attract ABUNDANCE, PEACE, and HAPPINESS to your life. But I’m not stopping there. I want you to be so over-the-top thrilled with your decision to claim your copy of InFlow today that I am tossing in these incredible bonus.


“Renew U, Rebirth, reactivate & Recharge” 7 hours VIDEO TRAINING from the comfort of your home.

* Start attracting what is right and perfect for you effortlessly and be an open channel ready to attract the abundance that is your birthright.

* We got together In Los Angeles with don Miguel Ruiz, Gary Quinn, Gabriel Nossovitch, and DC Cordova to help you uncover the secrets of your true potential so you can experience more Joy, Love, Peace, Abundance, and Happiness



Don’t you owe it to yourself to attract  Wealth & Success?

Begin to allow Inspiration to guide you Throughout Your Life Today!!  


Audio About Wealth and Success – The Easiest Way to Wealth – Virtual Booklet Volume One – Money Eraser Audio

This powerful audios and booklet will give you access to Ho’oponopono, one of the most powerful transformational tools available in the world! You will break through your barriers to success, greatly reduce your stress, and tap into an amazing power to create your life the way you desire and deserve.

I believe in YOU. I believe that you will make the best and only decision possible to give you the greatest chance to help you stop worrying about money and start living a life full of joy and abundance.

When you make this wise decision, you will…

The InFlow Program Includes:

awaken in the flow

Awaken Inflow

E-Book NEW
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Open to the Flow

Video Series – 30 days to open your Mind

Exclusive videos of the weird and special stories I collected throughout
my years with Dr. Ihaleakalá. Stories of my own personal experience
practicing Ho’oponopono, and during my own teachings around the world.
During 30 days I share with you the stories that opened up my mind.

The Easiest Way to Grow

Live the Inflow

AudioSet + vBook – The Easiest Way to Grow
A special digital bundle that includes a V-book (VIDEO),
where you can watch Mabel tells you those weird stories you love to hear
during her seminars and an Audio-book, recorded in mp3 (AUDIO)
for you to enjoy anytime, anyplace with all those messages you want your subconscious
to listen in order to re-program yourself and see real changes in your life.
Wealth & Success Audio

Wealth & Success Audio

Mabel’s Special Session Audio About Wealth and Success!


The Easiest Way to Wealth – Virtual Booklet

The Easiest Way to Wealth, Virtual Booklet Volume One.

Money Worrier Eraser!

Money Worrier Eraser!

Stop worrying about money with this special class.

prices regular
Click The “Buy Now” Button To
Receive Your Pre-Sale Price Of Just $97…
PLUS All The Bonuses (Worth Over $215!)
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Yours in prosperity,
Mabel Katz
Creator, InFlow Abundance
P.S. – Every second you wait, the odds are things will stay the same for you. Success in life requires action. So act right now while it’s fresh in your mind and you’re ready to begin a new life.