Zero Frequency Coaching Series

& Live Seminar in Marina del Rey

Bundle: Podcast & LIVE Seminar in Marina del Rey, CA


It is time to let go of what is not working, time to stop directing your destiny to places you don’t want to go… Are you ready to let go and be in the flow? It is easy, just Let Go and Let God take you the destiny of your dreams. Did you know that All your decisions are based on your judgments, opinions and expectations that were acquired through your memories? Your memories create your thoughts, your thoughts create your actions, and your actions create your destiny. It is time to let go of those memories and let God. So, take action NOW, allow God to clean away the memories controlling your thoughts, actions and destiny! It is so important to remind ourselves how to live at Zero Frequency. How would you like to supercharge the path that leads to the Zero Zone?


Listen to these two 90-minute private teleweb-trainings that will deepen your relationship with the one you need to love the most ~ yourself.


Some of the themes we touched during the two-class tele-series include:

  •  How your relationship with Money truly reflects what you think about yourself.
  • How to use Cleaning techniques more effectively.
  • What you truly lode and how to manifest it.
  • How to live with greater freedom and abundant joy

Find The Easiest Way to:

  • Stop procrastination
  • Create a new paradigm for yourself
  • Let go of all habits that attract the opposite of what you want in your life
  • Be in balance and in the flow
  • Learn why we fail and the secret to success, so next time you can be more conscious and stop yourself from stop doing what doesn’t work and start making better choices in your life.
  • You will discover that obstacles in your life are actually great opportunities.

Find The Easiest Way to:

Now you receive 7-hours audio (MP3), Handout (PDF) & 2 Action Guides (PDF) Listen NOW to the complete package that will take you to the next level !!!