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Read what people are saying about Mabel's teleclass

I’m excited for this great opportunity to be with Mabel live on a teleclass. I’ve told the Divinity that I would love to attend a seminar of Mabel and this is proof of how God always listens. Infinite thanks. Of course, it’s a great opportunity to cleanse at these crucial moments of humanity.

- Mary Lois, Italy

I really enjoyed the kind of support that Mabel provides, it’s very important to stay, release, trust and clean! Thank you, Mabel!

- Celeste Silvestri, Argentina

The teleclass was superb! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mabel!

- Grisel Eugenia Contreras, Mexico

Thank you, dear Mabel! I hope to see you this year at the seminar. This upcoming July, it will be my first year practicing Ho’oponopono, I’m so happy! A big hug and thanks for your generosity.

- Veronica Iter C, Chile

Mabel, I hope God rewards you for such kindness and for sharing so many gifts, I am happy for this opportunity to hear you! Hugs! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

- Luz Nancy Santiago Sabogal, Colombia

I am very grateful for the class today. It is an opportunity the universe gives me to keep on healing. Thanks Mabel.

- Fanny Jiménez, Peru

Mabel, dear, I enjoyed every word of you. Thank you for so much, your generosity excites me and I always want more, thank you, thank you, thank you.

- Isabel Rios, Paraguay

Mabel. Thanks for such a wonderful gift. Blessings for everybody.

- Elizabeth Juarez Amaya, Mexico

Wow, what a great calling! Thank you, Mabel, and also to all the questioners. I got something from all of the answers

- Helen Dunne, United Kingdom

Mabel, Yesterday was my first call in with you. My wife and I are talking about separating, we are moving, I am experiencing memories replaying of financial lack, I "have to" take action, I don't have time for a call in, on and on and then, I got to "the cleaning" as you have reminded me to do so many times in your videos on YouTube. I had called in yesterday but didn't write a question and AGAIN, to my surprise, all the questions that I had came through the other callers yesterday and I kept the cleaning going as I was listening . Mabel you keep the integrity of Ho'oponopono alive in through your personal work and through your gifts of "Service of Love." I was reminded of my highest priority yesterday: "Seek first the Kingdom of God and ALL THINGS (not some but ALL things) will be added. I just am required to my part: keep the cleaning going and make efforts, part of which, for me, yesterday, was attending my first call in with you. You have so much yesterday. I was afraid that after Dr. Len stopped teaching these gifts of the cleaning tools: I love You and Thank You and the sacredness of The Ho'oponopono process with go away. They have not gone away. They live on through you, through me and through all others who are willing to : "just get to the cleaning ." I Love You Mabel and I "Give Thanks" for your gifts and Service of Love." I am Not alone. We, together with the others will keep "The Cleaning" going. Yes, my Work is my Responsibility and I find I also wish for support at times, and this Support came through CLEARLY on the call in yesterday. In Gratitude ,

- Scott, USA

Dear Mabel, Thank You.... This couple of hours I spent listening to you was like a dream... just as if I was at a seminar. Thank You, I Love You

- Jasna, Croatia