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I invite you to travel with me 

Seminar in Santiago

I’ve been traveling through South America for weeks now. Day by day I continue to add miles to my 2024 Tour and my life. I am living moments that today I would like to share with you… because traveling is not just getting into a car or a plane but experiences, and a special way of looking at life.

And you, with what lenses are you looking at the trip of your life? What are those moments that you APPRECIATE?

In my case, after the Ho’oponopono Properity Workshop in Cordoba (a povince in Argentina), I was very grateful to get together with my only sister who is still alive (I am the youngest of 3 women). You know, we hadn’t seen each other since 2018 or 2019 and she drove 3 hours to get there… We spent amazing hours catching up and remembering so many shared moments.

When my sister left, I set out on a journey by car to the Mountains in Cordoba with Pablo and Kevin. You have no idea of the beauty of that scenery, I would have made many videos, but we decided to go with an even more brilliant idea that Kevin had: During the trip we recorded a preview of the podcast (In Spanish) that we have already started producing!

We had been postponing this project for a long time and honestly, it was a lot of fun and enriching to do the first exclusive tests for the Spanish Members of our Ho’oponopono community. They already heard it and started sending me hundreds of messages thanking for the shared moments.

Where will my next journey be? How can you join?

Next destination: CHILE

Yesterday I arrived in Santiago de Chile and tomorrow, July 6, is the Ho’oponopono – The Easiest Way to Live Seminar.

If you have already participated in an in-person seminar with me anywhere in the world, you can be at the “absentee table” and get the benefits of cleaning with Ho’oponopono, even if you are not attending in person or an online broadcast.

Here is what Roxana, from the United States, who participated as an absentee in my seminar in Buenos Aires 2024, wrote to us:

“Hello Mabel, I participated as an absentee in Buenos Aires. That day, like every Saturday I went for a run and what caught my attention was my (unusual) tiredness, when I returned, I could not handle my body to such an extent that after bathing I sat on the couch and fell asleep soundly. I was not aware of any changes until my husband hugged me yesterday and I let myself be hugged without trying to get out of his hug right away, something I usually do. He, with shining eyes said to me: “I can feel that you are at peace.”

testimonio Roxana

After CHILE – I’m flying for a little while to Argentina to my beautiful Magic Retreat in Buenos Aires, and from there to Montevideo!

I hope to meet with you soon.

In the meantime, I wish you peace beyond understanding.

Mabel Katz

Spread peace and love

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