Tour to Tulum

From Saturday September 6 to Saturday September 13, 2014
Receive Base Matrix & Ho'oponopono

From Saturday September 13 to Saturday September 20, 2014

Receive Zero Frequency®, Karma & Life Mission

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Why Tulum?

Tulum is the perfect and correct place for our HEALING

Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa shall be our true sanctuary.

Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa will shelter and give us the possibility of meeting
with our real essence again.


The place in the world where you will find YOUR place in the world,
where it has always been: Inside YOURSELF.

Living together, healing, laughing, sharing in a sacred and unique place,
by the sea, where we can transmute faster and in communion
with mother earth and the wisdom of nature.


The people who went to Israel know that this is a Quantum Leap. A true initiation. A one-way trip. A change of structures Inside you.

Dear friends!!!! Now that I see this "journey" from a distance, I understand that even if it didn't seem so at the beginning, was exactly what it was supposed to be. It started with wind, clouds and storm, which forced us to seek more shelter, to be inside more, just when we were supposed to be receiving the workshops but as soon as they finished, the sun appeared and enabled us to go out and be full of light, a balance that ended up creating the perfect harmony. Just as in the journey of life, if we manage to let go of our resistance, accept the "bad weathers", seize those opportunities to be more within, more in silence, giving space to our inner voice and to our inspiration, they can now blossom and guide us in our personal path. Please know the sun will always come up. ~ Silvia, Argentina

This trip was not a tour, IT WAS A REAL QUANTUM LEAP FOR EVERYBODY, including myself, I think I never saw as many weather setbacks and so much joy, friendship, companionship, celebration, understanding and love all at the same time, it all worked out miraculously, with love and humor. Finding our essence, letting go of our old structures, start walking the plan of the Soul; that is what this is all about.~ Vero, Argentina

I think that everything that has happened to me in this period is more than what other people experience in all their lives. For me, this year was about living entirely with Ho'oponopono. In June 2013 I was lucky to go to Peru and I am eternally thankful for that opportunity. The objective was to visit Machu Pichu and the trip was organized by Mabel Katz. In that trip I was reborn in every sense. There I understood that all our life is about the spirit, that we are all one and not isolated bodies, our existence in Earth is temporary
~ Klara, Hungria

"My experience practicing Ho’oponopono was built little by little, together with a therapist I can now call my “Master” instead of my Psychologist. She led me to stop replaying memories and to reach the Temple of the Moon (the Mother), in Cusco, with Mabel Katz (another great Master) in order to say goodbye in joy and light to my old matrix so that the new one could appear. We accomplished this in Machu Pichu, a place full of amazing energy. I am getting to know this new Matrix and I really like it very much." ~ Patricia, Argentina

We can tell you what this is not: This isn't a Vacation,
not a Seminar nor a Workshop.

Mabel and Verónica's Healing Methods transcend Ho'oponopono
and Psychoanalysis.

"I offer you my cleaning in Tulum. It is your possibility to bring old structures down and let go of the past, so you can live more in the presnet and change your life forever.
The Ho'oponopono cleaning is greatly accelerated next to the water that works as a centrifugal force and allows us to let go and heal faster and without suffering. Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional".
Dame Mabel Katz

"The main task of a therapist or healer is to offer those who suffer the necessary elements to walk the path towards happiness. We are born with a certain emotional structure, we acquire a way of bonding and keep it for the rest of our lives. This structure is past its validity date, this Matrix that gave us life and protected us at the beginning has to be restructured. Building a new Matrix depends on each of us, it is a necessary quantum leap towards health, balance and happiness. The objective of this Seminar is that you receive all the necessary information about your Individual Matrix, and that of your family and ancestors, together with the elements that allow you to take that leap from suffering and repetition to what is right, healthy and perfect to live your plan, your truth, your essence.”
~Lic. Verónica Gomelsky

There is nothing better than having a place as Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa
just for ourselves, there we will be able to heal and clean our Matrix
so we can free ourselves.

Do you know which one is your Mission in this World?

Just accept our invitation, take our hand and TRUST. This is where your healing begins. This is the Way. The glory of God and the Universe together. Everything that was impossible is now possible. Fly. Life is a song. All is within your reach. Watch, open your heart, the ecstasy of your incarnation in this life is about to come.

This is the message that Verónica received:“Evolved Souls know where and how to insert themselves in order to fulfill their plan, you just need to tell them that everything is ready for them”

You will know if you have to be there.
This trip is dedicated to YOU and made for YOU.

Mabel y Veronica en Perú

It is time to invest in YOU!
Register for our transformational journey NOW!




First Week: Base Matrix & Ho'oponopono

From Saturday September 6 to Saturday September 13, 2014
USD 3.250**



Second Week: Zero Frequency®, Karma & Life Mission

From Saturday September 13 to Saturday September 20, 2014

USD 3.250**



From Saturday September 13 to Saturday September 20, 2014
USD 5.000**



** Sharing is very important and part of the experience. $600 extra charge for single rooms.
The Price does not include air ticket.


The investment includes:

  • Accommodation double rooms **
  • Ho’oponopono Seminar with Mabel Katz (First week).
  • Zero Frequency® Seminar with Mabel Katz (Second week).
  • “Matrix” Seminar con Verónica Gomelsky (First week).
  • “Karma and Mision” with Verónica Gomelsky (Second week).
  • Educational material and manuals.
  • Visit to the Tulum Ruins, including the Xenote.
  • Visit to the Mayan Ruin of Coba (First week).
  • Visit to the Chichén Itzá Ruin (Second week).
  • Meditation and work in sacred and powerful places.
  • Daily group meditations.
  • Physical activities.
  • Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa all inclusive.
* Sharing is important and part of the experience. $600 extra charge for individual rooms.
** Special diets might be requested.

The investment does not include:

  • Extra personal expenses and other drinks.
  • Tips at your own discretion.
  • Air ticket: City of origin – Cancun – City of origin
  • Any service not mentioned in “Includes”.
  • Transfer Airport - Hotel – Airport


  • Transfer Airport - Hotel – Airport.
  • Other excursions on the free day.

Cancellation Policy:

If you decide to cancel, Your Business, Inc. shall reimburse you the following percentages:
up to 60 days prior to departure, 100% (minus 3% for administrative expenses)
59 to 45 days prior to departure, 75% (minus 3% for administrative expenses)
45 to 30 days prior to departure, 50% (minus 3% for administrative expenses)
29 days prior to departure we will not be able to make any reimbursement.


For more information, write to [email protected]


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