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Ho’oponopono meditation to let go

Ho'oponopono meditation

If there is something that can be difficult in this life, it is letting go, not depending on something or someone. As a species, the human being is programmed to depend on and put up with the things that he considers important, regardless of whether these things are good or bad for his life. Ironically, this survival mechanism can lead to our emotional ruin if we don’t want to let go of something that causes us grief or pain.

Understanding that it is a real problem, the well-known Ho’oponopono meditation is here to help you let go. Ho’oponopono is a special philosophy that will help you get rid of everything that is not you (beliefs, judgments), open the doors to your true identity; and inevitably will bring miracles in your life.

How to do the Ho'oponopono meditation to let go

For those who do not know it, Ho’oponopono is a Hawaiian art of problem-solving, based on taking 100% responsibility, to be able to transmute those memories that we have accumulated in our subconscious minds and that create that reality that keeps replaying daily in our life. Literally,  the word Ho’oponopono means “how to correct an error.”

By definition, Ho’oponopono meditation helps to release everything that does not work in your life, being also useful to release those memories of the past that you carry with you constantly (sometimes without realizing it), and that have negatively affected you Includes also letting go of any type of thought that can harm your personal development. And you can do all this with the help of Ho’oponopono!

Now, if you want to do the Ho’oponopono meditation to let go, then you can follow some recommendations,  although not necessarily because the idea is to practice it all the time in all places:

  1. Find a place where you can feel total comfort and tranquility. Again, you can practice Ho’oponopono wherever and however, but sometimes it might help to be alone in a comfortable place.
  2. Close or keep your eyes open. It makes no difference; just make sure you do not engage and let go of thoughts and worries, and run away from both the past and the future. The only place where you are yourself and things can change are in the present.
  3. Try to relax and start to go into your mind to stop resisting. You just need to let go. Don’t think, just become an observer and let go.
  4. You can repeat to yourself some of the Ho’oponopono trigger words. Choose those that come to you by inspiration, that you feel help you release that pressure inside you (“light switch” is one of these words, for example). Be spontaneous. Trust your own inspiration. 

It is recommended to practice Ho’oponopono meditation on a daily basis so that you can clean as many memories as possible that are replaying in your subconscious, and remember that they play all the time. The more you do this, the more chances you have to transmute and heal!

You may notice results the first time you do these steps, or it may take a while for you to see them, which is why it is insisted that you continue to let go and trust, no matter what. We never know what we are avoiding. We know that it is not easy to let go of what has been kept within us for a long time, but rest assured that Ho’oponopono is the best way to achieve your dreams. Do you plan to put it into practice?

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