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Hi Mabel

I am LInda from Israel.

I came to two of the seminars in December, and the last two that you gave here in March.
I came up to you and told you that I wish to teach this material, and you suggested that I take one of the Self I dentitiy courses which I will.

This speaks so deeply and easily to me.

I am a Yoga teacher - have been teaching for 21 years, and have studied much in other fields as well.
I have been searching and searching for many years. I also read about the Ho'oponopono years ago, and used it on occasion (4 phrases) throughout the years. However, since taking the trainings with you, I have incorporated the techniques into daily life, and amazing things have happened.

I wish to correct what I said. I first wish to live the ho'oponopono and then to teach it.

I am deeply grateful for what you bring. It is very joyous to be in your company while you pass on this tremendously simple and effective way of life.

Thank you and I love you,

~ Linda, Israel

My name is Batsheva and I attended two seminars with you in Tel-Aviv. I thank you from the bottom of my heart : after years of practicing various methods (course in miracles, rebirthing, yoga, meditation) , I felt I returned home while listening to you. I had tears of recognition and joy throughout the workshops. Your compassion, humor and inspiration are still accompanying me... my determination to practice no matter if/what the the results will be is changing the reality in front of my eyes with my husband, my son, friends and at work. My mind was more at peace during this past week than it was during the whole last year(s)! It is truly amazing. As you said, it truly works. I feel so grateful to have had the privilege to learn from you. Also, in the seminar I got to meet Tamara & will be involved with her wonderful initiative.
Looking forward to meeting you again! love , Batsheva :-)
PS: My husband says he wants to join me to your seminar in December. He says he feels the energy in our home is lighter and happier ( I've put the seminar-book on the kitchen table & suggested to our home to read it...). Thank you, looking forward to see you in December

~ Batsheva, Israel

I consider it a wonderful thing, that I have attended the seminar. Just that I went , I dared to do something that was totally outside my comfort zone. This is not very common with me. It was even strange just to say suddenly, "I want to meet Mabel, see her, her gestures, the way she talks." Many times I felt I could actually understand her...even though I do not hear anything, I am deft, and, we don't even speak the same language!!

~ Budapest, Hungary

Yesterday I attended a seminar in Italy with Mabel. Simply GREAT!
The weather forecast said it was going to have heavy fog  on Saturday.
I started cleaning some days before the event asking my Unihipili for help to let go: Dear beloved child,  if it is perfect for me to spend  my Saturday with Mabel, please help me cleaning and letting go of our memories about the fog and if I have to drive with the fog, it will be ok for us.
I woke up early in the morning as I had to drive for 250 miles. There was fog on the turpike but it didn't' bother me! Thank you!
After 100 miles the sun shone on my way! Thank you so much!
The seminar was terrific, a lot of cleaning came up! Surprised.
I finally met and kissed and hugged Mabel!
The workshop ended and I had to come back home: dark and FOG again…. the fog swirled thickly around me. I kept cleaning and my Chiquitita ( my car) seemed that she had a radar! In less than 5 hours I was safe at home!
Thank you, Mabel, you are  a precious treasure  for me!  I love you.

~ Donatella, Italy

Thank you Mabel. Since taking the class for the first time May 21-22, 2011, and reading and listening about Ho'oponopono, I focus more and practice letting go and letting God into my life. I spent all the money I have available searching for ways to heal my life. It's a great burden lifted knowing it's just to let God into my life. This practice is the answer to 40 years of praying for help. I had to do a lot of things and spend my life savings before the Universe sent me Ho'oponopono. I thank God my search is over.

~ Nina, Slovakia

I recently attended Mabel's training in Mexico city, thank you thank you thank you, it was wonderful!

~ Angela, Mexico

Hi everyone
I was at the seminar with Mabel in Bristol. This was a magnificent experience in my life and I m very grateful for this. I learned how to be a better person and how to be more effective in my life. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for this, Mabel. Love,

~ Norbert, United Kingdom

 Mabel, I salute the divinity in you!

Thank you for another beautiful class. I felt very much in tune with you and was able to perceive how you put your heart and soul into your teachings.
You are here with us, yet many light years ahead of us , so willing to impart your knowledge so lovingly. Again GRACIAS!

~ Hilda, Los Angeles