"There is only one person in this world who is capable of healing you, Yourself.”
- Verónica Gomelsky

As we heal our lives, we heal the world and we make a difference.

This is your opportunity to lose your old identity in order to give
birth to the Real You.

Are you ready to make that change?

Join us in this Healing, Initiation and Cleaning Tour in Holy Land.

We will experience what happens when we are at the right time,
at the perfect place with the appropriate people.

Together in the Holy Land
from December 10 to the 21st of December, 2013!

Watch pictures of the previous Spiritual Cleaning tour in Israel

Fun and Memorable moments that will change your life.

Spend eleven days in a Fascinating and Trasnformational trip...
* Looking for personal growth.
* Healing old patterns that do not work anymore
* Connecting with your true Identity.
* Letting go of old structures, surrendering and being part of everything.
* Becoming the change you wish to see in the world.

Have you noticed, something has finished, something is concluding, it is the moment to let it go, something very important is waiting on the other side: YOUR TRUE ESSENCE, YOURSELF, your Point ZERO. Your beginning, there is no turning back, let's go with the liberation of the old structures with Gratefulness and Love.

Just imagine…

…spending eleven days on this fascinating trip, sharing with special people
who are committed to the change as much as you are.

Some outstanding points of the trip…

  • Jaffa, location of the church and mission of St. Peter.
  • Views of Tel Aviv.
  • Views of the Roman cities in the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Trip from Nazareth to the Sea of Galilee.
  • Safed, cradle of the Kabbalah hand theJ ewish mysticism.
  • Walk around the narrow streets and the old synagogues of Safed.
  • Experience many of Jesus historical places.
  • From the desert of Judea to the baptism location in the Jordan River.
  • From the Dead Sea to Jerusalem.
  • May be a bath in the lowest and saltiest sea and visit the spot where the Scrolls of the Dead Sea were found.
  • Ho'oponopono seminar with Mabel.
  • Mt. Zion to the Way of Grief up to the Basilica of the Holy Sepulcher.
  • Visit to the Church and commemoration of the Resurrection, the tomb of King David.
  • Museum of the Holocaust and Museum of Israel.
  • Free days to enjoy and to go shopping.

And, so much more…

Check the complete itinerary HERE in order to see all the details. See what else we plan to do during this trip. Check out all the photographs of the places you will visit. Share this itinerary with your friends and your family.

Please remember that the final itinerary of your trip may vary. As it is a spiritual tour, what we do is guided by inspiration. Whatever we do will take place at the correct place at the perfect moment. With our hearts open, magic will simply happen.



The Ho'oponopono Seminar with Mabel in Tel Aviv on December 12, 2013, will be our opportunity to let go in order to dissolve the doubts, the worries and the fear of the unknown. Very important to let go of the Old Structures and begin Renewed.


In this seminar, you will discover how to let go of limiting beliefs in order to attract and create what your heart desires. You will learn to be calm, present and focused –in peace with this moment. You will discover how to let go of the past, erase old memories and reconnect with the energy that already exists within you. On top of that, you will benefit from Mabel's cleaning.


We prepare ourselves for our own Rebirth.

And, so much more…

You will spend eleven days in Israel, visiting famous, old and sacred locations, sleeping in four-star hotels in… and many delicious meals. 

So, what are you waiting for?


“CURING a disease is dealing with the symptoms
of a pathological manifestation, repairing the damages caused by the illness.
HEALING is definitely eradicating the emotional elements
which caused that disease.”


I do not heal anyone; I teach others to heal themselves,
that is my only objective.”

-Verónica Gomelsky

Mabel y Veronica en Perú

Veronica and Mabel will be with us throughout the trip, helping us to experience the necessary changes to modify our old basic structures and to be definitively free and happy.

To find out more about Verónica Gomelsky click HERE


We repeat our emotional patterns out of habit. In order to change our life we must find a way of breaking those habits. The work that Veronica and Mabel are offering to us, this cleaning of Ho'oponopono in the Holy Land, is our opportunity to clean that obsolete emotional and limited foundation that we no longer need. Changing the world begins when we change our own lives.

We hope you say YES.

We will be waiting for you in Israel!

Check out your itinerary again
It is now the moment to sign up for our exciting trip!

Look at all the details and sign in today for this magical trip with Veronica Gomelsky and Mabel Katz that will change your life. They have a place reserved for you!


Double Room

Sign in before November 15 and pay only USD 3.197 *

You can also pay in two installments.
Pay 40% of your trip,

and 60% on November 30

Regular Price: USD 3.597

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* The Price does not include the plane ticket: CITY OF ORIGIN – TEL AVIV- CITY OF ORIGIN
Visas (check at the consulate of each country)

Single Room

Sign in before November 15 and pay only USD 3.942 *

You can also pay in two installments. Pay 40% of your trip,

and 60% on November 30

Regular Price: USD 4.342

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* The Price does not include the plane ticket: CITY OF ORIGIN – TEL AVIV- CITY OF ORIGIN
Visas (check at the consulate of each country)



Organized by:

If you have any questions, or need more information contact us at: [email protected] katz.com


Cancelation policy:

Cancelation Policy:
In case the client decides to cancel, Recreación del Ser shall reimburse the following percentages:
up to 60 days before the start 100% (minus 3% for administrative expenses)
59 to 45 days before the start 75% (minus 3% for administrative expenses)
44 to 30 days before the start 50% (minus 3% for administrative expenses)
29 to the day of the start we shall not be able to make any kind of reimbursement, it will depend directly on our providers.


See you in Tel Aviv on December 10, 2013

Verónica and Mabel


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