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Guided Meditation With Ho’oponopono

Guided Meditation With Ho'oponopono

Meditation is a very popular concept at these times since effectively brings us closer to peace and a state of stillness, and one from which we can see another perspective of our life and the entire world.

However, from Ho’oponopono’s point of view, we know that the memories replaying in our subconscious mind are very powerful and toxic, and invade our mind at all times, and negative thoughts continue to bombard us. We cannot be in the traditional meditative mode 24 hours a day, because it would be incompatible with our daily lives, where we have a job, a partner, children, and a world of occupations to attend to.

Ho’oponopono is the tool that I chose and recommend meditating actively 24 hours a day, because it not only leads us to a state of invaluable inner peace but also works by erasing the memories accumulated, moment by moment.

You don’t need to be in a temple, play any particular music, or stop doing everything you have to do in your daily life. By repeating to yourself a simple “thank you” or “I love you,” you are entering a place of protection, where you go hand in hand with God, or that invisible force that we carry within and has the answers to all our questions. When you meditate with Ho’oponopono you enjoy the magic of living in the here and now. You remain in the present, without getting hooked on the past and without trying to outline a future.

Many believe that there is a Ho’oponopono guided meditation, but here you are your own guide. You want to do it spontaneously, doing what works for you.

There are many Ho’oponopono tools, but you need to understand that this ancient Hawaiian art puts you first and gives you back your power and control. It is a way of deprogramming you, as we must unlearn to learn again.

Ho’oponopono works like the delete key on your computer, or like those machines that make your way when the snow has covered the street and you can’t move. Now you can keep moving forward, in the midst of what seemed impossible to go through, recognizing that the real problem is the emotion and expectations you put on each circumstance.

In Ho’oponopono, expectations are memories, and although it is not possible to avoid them completely when they show up, we can erase and release them, becoming open and pure of heart like a small child. Do you remember those days? It’s about being willing to play, dream, and laugh more.

Let yourself be guided by Ho’oponopono, and follow your inspiration. Dare to be that child again, let go of expectations, and trust that you are guided by a powerful force that will not let go of your hand at any time. I’m sure you won’t regret practicing Ho’oponopono. It is nothing more and nothing less than The Easiest Way to achieve the life of your dreams.

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