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Benefits for being live in the class:

  • More opportunity to ask questions.

  • More tools.

  • Cleaning with each other (No accidents) who is in that call

  • Many doors will open that would not have opened otherwise. Many doors will close that we don't have to go that way anymore.

  • Built-in 24/7 cleaning between classes.

  • Opportunity for networking. We never know where is going to come from.

  • Going Deeply into the cleaning

Some of the comments about Mabel's last teleclass:

" Great Call, Thank you"
- G. Patterson, United Kingdom

" Wow, what a beautiful call"
- M. McCalister, Ireland

"I felt so loved and nurtured by Mabel's beautiful voice, wisdom and energy."
Christi E., Dayton, Ohio, United States

"When Mabel shared this, I felt something in my body and being immediately shift. 
I am so grateful for this awareness and healing."
- C. Huynh, Los Angeles, California, United States

"That was a great call. I think Mabel is great and would love to hear more.
Thanks, I am so excited about this life changing stuff. Amazing!"

- J. Landon, Australia

" I feel very moved by the call, got answers to some nagging questions so I feel clear
and able to leave them behind."

- M. Suni, South Africa

"Life is a repetition of memories that are like chips, or tapes that play in our minds 24 hours a day. They drive us and influence us without us even being aware of them. We cannot avoid them, but we can choose to"stop" the tapes."
- Mabel Katz

On March 5, 2008, Mabel Katz presented a free preview call to her new "The Easiest Way to Attract Wealth & Success with Ho'oponopono" Tele-coaching Series. During the call, she explained the power of our memories replaying over and over in our lives, causing us to repeat the same behavior, and receive the same results over and over again, even though what we really want is:

  • More Money 

  • More Joy 

  • More Success

  • More Peace

During the call Mabel also explained the many facets of our relationship with money and much more.
This call is a free preview of the new, one-of-a-kind, 8-Week Tele-coaching series, "The Easiest Way to Attract Wealth & Success through Ho'oponopono."
If, after listening to this amazing call, you feel inspired to know more and your desire is to REALLY COMMIT to doing the work and breaking through the barriers to Wealth & Success, please go to:

Here's the link for the MP3:

Download audio

"The more people Cleaning, the sooner we can all go home!"
- Dr. Ihaleakalá Hew Len

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