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Here are some testimonials from people who have attended to Mabel Katz Live events:

Hi Mabel
It was wonderful to see you at your seminar in England, London. I’m so glad I came. I feel different since I came back from your Ho'oponopono seminar.
I feel much better and different in many ways. Not sure what it is but I am behaving differently than I did before as though something has shifted. I asked my car and my house to clean too.
I thank you for this opportunity to be part of this experience and feel blessed to move forward.
I Let go and Trust, especially my expectations for things to be a certain way. I don’t know what is right for me and only God knows.
Thank you I love you.


- Ilaya, England



I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to share my experiences attending three of Mabel’s seminars in three weeks. They were incredible. In the first seminar in Zagreb, I decided to go onstage when Mabel gave us the opportunity. Before that moment, I never realized I had such a deep fear of speaking in public or making mistakes or worrying about what other people think of me. Once onstage, I couldn’t hear anything except the beat of my heart. I knew that this was my opportunity to come home to Zero. I gave permission to God by taking 100% responsibility for my life, and by actually doing what I was afraid of. In the second seminar in Belgrade, my heart again navigated me to be the first one to write on an empty board all the things I regret. The fear was still there, but I kept cleaning by doing it, staying on stage, and working past my fears. At the end of the seminar, I was shocked when Mabel said she wanted my statement on camera. At the third seminar in Budapest, I woke up on day 1 with headaches and bad nausea. It is the same kind of illness that I have had off and on for almost seven years. I kept cleaning all day and fortunately made it until lunch when Mabel announced that we would have an hour break. My mind had all kinds of thoughts, “Why today…you’re done…you can’t finish the seminar.” I went to my room, laid in bed and fell asleep. I woke up in an hour, without an alarm. And I felt all better, for the first time since I can remember. It was truly a miracle for me. On the second day of the seminar, I was doing an exercise with Romy on letting go of fear. Immediately after that, Mabel invited us to join her on stage and share our experiences. Wow! One more opportunity to overcome my fears. And this time, I should tell you I was calm. I was in the flow. I am still amazed and blessed with the experiences and visible results I had in just three seminars. I'm now feeling the urge and importance of taking even more responsibility in my life. I know by cleaning my mirror I am changing the world. With love


- Vela, Croatia



Dear Mabel,
Thank you for everything! I look forward to your seminar this year. It’s coming after quite an intense period in my life, during which my trust in the unknown was tested deeply. I offer my testimonial below and thanks. “In 2010 I was guided toward my first Ho'oponopono seminar. This happened without actually knowing what I was asking for. I simply asked the Universe, between tears, to "show me the way." At the time, I was thinking that 'the way" would be another man in my life. After a recent breakup, I was broken. But it was not so simple. I had to face my own mental resistance. The first time I heard about one of Mabel’s seminars, I resisted my inner guidance to go. But, somehow, the Universe gave me the perfect opportunity to let go of all my mental resistance. I became one of the first students registered for Mabel’s next seminar in Romania. Since then I have never missed one, and every time I return, I am given new insights and experiences. And I really don't know how, but in time, more friends and colleagues started to come with me. I felt at home from the first seminar, relieved that nothing was actually wrong with me. Day after day, new receptors kept opening up inside me. I cannot say I practice Ho'oponopono. I think it is more accurate to say that Ho'oponopono became my lifestyle— a part of me. I cannot imagine how I could ever live differently. In the last seven months of my life—I had a ski accident while I was cleaning. The accident involved surgery and long recovery but also came with physical issues, high expenses, all which happened at the same time I was trying to buy my first house and extremely busy at work. In a few minutes, everything in my life changed. But, from the very first moment it happened, even while I was on the ambulance, I was thinking that if this happened to me while I know I cleaned before the ski holiday and also while I was on the ski slope, then I must be grateful! God knows what was on the way to manifest! I kept cleaning until I finally understood and had the insights about the meaning of "no expectations" and what it means to clean in order to be at peace, instead of cleaning for a particular result or that somehow things would be arranged perfectly. And, now, I am recovered. My body is in perfect body shape, fit and better than ever before. I bought my new flat and have already moved into it, which was perfectly timed to when I just finished my recovery. Of course, I had huge expenses, but somehow money came exactly when I needed it! So, thank you, thank you, thank you! Looking forward to the next time!” Warm hugs and love!


- Denisia, Romania



I want you to know that I had an incredible breakthrough last night after listening to you. I have been in a legal battle for a year over my house. I have been resisting and blocking my blessings. I let go and had the realization after you spoke of that lady going through her divorce. I had emailed Matthew David about praying for me earlier yesterday. He told me to watch his live stream last night and I did. My prayers were answered and I found my peace. I am blessed to hear from you. Thank you!


- Kathie, USA



Dear Mabel, Every time I go to one of your seminars, it feels like I’m going home. I'm not usually one to see or hear things beyond what we can see or hear with our physical senses, but I must tell you that during the inner child exercise you did, I felt (and maybe even saw) a boy kneeling beside me. He puthis hand on my knee, with such comfort and gentleness. When I asked my inner child whether it was him, he said "No!"J Now, I have no idea who was beside me, cheering me on and giving me his love and condolences, but it was a beautiful moment. I think there are many more souls attending your seminar than you have registered on paper J .Thank you so much for your beautiful seminar. Irena says Hi. She likes you very much, which is rare in teenagers:) All our love.


- Sanela & Irena, Serbia



Dear Mabel, Thank you for the two magical days I spent at your seminar. It was an unforgettable experience for me. Your splendor made the darkness disappear and brightened our Souls. The magic never stopped. And the best part is, I know it will last forever. I love you! Thank you…and a big, big hug from Novi Sad, Serbia
P.S. I hope you will come next year.


- Dušica, Serbia



Thank you for a very wonderful seminar in Delhi, Mabel! It was a deeply enriching experience. We felt in complete resonance with your words. Our appreciation to Mike and everyone in your team and group that came to India with you, thanks for their cooperation and friendship! The event was very well organized and richfull in different ways! Your never ending energy and commitment is indeed admirable. Thank you. I love you!


- Mimi and Gayatri, India



Hi Mabel, Hi everyone I’ve bought seminary “Romania in absentee” in Thursday. I have been working next day and in during day I was cleaning like normal and suddenly, I was feeling completely different. I don’t know how describe this situation, but I felt something enormous went out from my memory. I was also confident myself, I can do this and I’m not lonely in this situation, this was magnificent. In during next day happened something different. I saw people in us reality but I was feeling also we are coming from different century. Thank you Mabel, I’m so grateful for this idea. This was amazing experience in my life. Love


- Norbert, United Kingdom



Dear Mabel, Thank you for your newsletter. It makes me happy and more willing to clean! My life is full of obstacles, the more I clean, the more I'm aware of them. Three years ago, I "discovered" Ho'oponopono and since that day, my life started to change, Thank you, I love you I attended to two seminars in Belgrade and I hope that we're meeting again this year in the same place, I love you There are no words to express my gratitude for all good in my life and the lives of my children, that happened before and after those seminars. So I'll just say thank you, thank you, thank you! I apologize, my English is not very good, but these words come from my heart and soul. I wished to express my gratitude to you, for everything you unselfishly share with us.


- Big hugs from Dušica, Serbia



The story of my participation in this weekend's seminar in Budapest:


Ever since they announced the seminars here I felt that I had to participate, but I was made a slave to my mind: "Right now I can't do it because I am consumed by my business," I thought and I let it go.

Klara wrote to me in Facebook and we corresponded a bit, since we had not been in contact for months. It was a sign for me and in a few moments I noticed that my rational mind had turned off.

In that moment I felt that I could pay and participate as an absentee and that it would all work out. That is what I did. I paid the absentee price for the seminar.

I let go of the worry and I trusted.

A few days later, my landlord contacted me to tell me that I would pay less this month due to an overpayment and they even refunded me money.

The amount they refunded me was exactly the price of the seminar.

The moral of the story: When we let go of worries, things come to us at the perfect moment. Not one minute before, not one minute after.


With love,


- Erika Kantor, Hungary



Aloha Mabel,

Thanks for the seminar in Miami, for me, it was great.
It was a spectacular location and impeccable organization. Thanks to Paola and the other organizers.
I’d like to mention that until that day I was trying to establish a relationship with my inner child, but I felt I could not get it. Sometimes my heart accelerated while I tried. To my surprise, my inner child was presented as a BOY and I even knew his name.
Since then we have created a close relationship, which can be confirmed by my joy and happiness.
Thank you for your beautiful mission to awaken and bring Peace to all.

I love you, Aloha!


- Consuelo, USA



Thank you for all your seminars in which you have allowed participation in absence, because they are accelerating my internal changes so fast... although I'm not sure what they are about, my body, as a tuning fork, is vibrating all the time in those high and sacred vibrations that only the 'vision' of Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta made me experience with so much strength, love and persistence in the past.


People around me who had serious health problems and are now better - and some are very well; although they do not know, I know in my heart that it has been because of the Great Divine Gift of the Sacred Ho'oponopono Cleaning...

May God Bless you Now and Forever! ...
Hope Angels will always be with you on your Sacred Path!



- Francesca, Italy



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