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The Easiest Way to Live is about finding your courage, following your passion, walking in faith & living everyday with gratitude. (Kindle Version)

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Right now you are a slave. You might think you are free, but you are a slave to your memories and programming, because they tell you what is good and what is bad, what is correct and what is incorrect. The intellect puts labels on everything, but there is no right or wrong. The mind thinks it knows, but it knows nothing.

We have become so entrenched in the belief that the intellect’s purpose is storing and understanding information, that we base our sense of identity on this idea. Our intellect thus tries to become something that it is not and is always pushing us to be something that we are not meant to be.

Isn’t it time to set yourself free?

From the Desk of: Mabel Katz

Dear Friends:

Mabel KatzSlowly, what others think of us becomes incredibly important, and we start looking for approval outside. We become masters at comparing ourselves to others and seek perfection according to external parameters beyond our control. Once we learn these lessons, we feel miserable most of the time.

Thoughts are extremely powerful, and unfortunately, most of the time they are tainted by our beliefs, emotions, and attachments. We do not think on a blank slate, free from preconceptions, biases, fears, and judgments. Everything we think of is based on our memories, our programming.

Learn how letting go can give you more of what you want

We are the ones complicating our existence. We are the ones thinking we know what is good for us and we make lists. Who are we making those lists for? We actually make lists for the Creator, who knows us better than anyone else and knows what we need and when we need it. We are very arrogant, indeed.

We think we know when things should happen and how they should happen. Then, we become angry and close our hearts when reality doesn’t match our expectations, and as we do this, we become completely unable to see the wonder of life and feel thankful for having the opportunity to be in it.

As we forgot who we are and the power we have, we allowed our memories to make decisions for us, control us and have us believing that we know better! We lost sight of our pure and direct source, and therefore lost our true identity.

Just as the Law of Attraction and Ho’oponopono teach us, we are responsible for our thoughts and our thoughts direct our destiny. We must learn to relinquish these thoughts controlled by our memories, which show up as, judgments, opinions, expectations, and beliefs; so we can become one with the goodness of God’s universe.

Here you discover that most of the challenges you face are caused by past patterns and memories that keep replaying in your subconscious and block you from reaching your true potential.



3 reviews for The Easiest Way to Live Kindle

  1. Avatar

    Terri Lynn, US

    Well written and in my opinion the best book I have read on Ho’oponopono.

  2. Avatar

    Michelle M, US

    I’ve read several books on Ho’oponopono and this is my favorite one by far. It is clear and to the point. Great practical advice. This practice is the best way I’ve found so far to stop that annoying inner voice that incessantly worries or criticizes you. Really anything that irritates or bothers you is easy to let go using this technique. I’m hooked.

  3. Avatar

    Jimmy Piver, USA

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Mabel for allowing your Self to be a vehicle for bringing bring these two beautiful and inspiring new books to the world – The Easiest Way to Live and The Easiest Way to Grow.

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