Thank God I Book

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Discover ordinary people’s greatest life challenges & their gratitude.

(Includes Mabel’s chapter, Thank God I left my kids)

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Finally, a book that transforms the human experience! In this book, you’ll discover how ordinary people overcame life’s greatest challenges and lived to become thankful for them. If your heart has been broken and it seems impossible to mend it, there is hope. If darkness seems to surround you, there is hope. If no one seems to understand your pain, there is hope. The stories inside this book are truly amazing. Discover why many are calling “Thank God I…” the most significant contribution to the spirit of humanity in centuries.

“Thank God I…” Vol. 1 includes an introductory chapter by Dr. John Demartini, “Gratitude: The Way to Experience Love and Fulfillment in All Seven Areas of Life.”

Mabel is one of the contributing authors and her chapter is

“Thank God I Left My Kids.”

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“Thank God I…” was the Amazon Inspirational Best Seller for 2 days.

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4 reviews for Thank God I Book

  1. Avatar

    Dave, USA

    WOW!!! Very inspiring. What a great new way to look at the challenges that come into our lives. Real people sharing their secrets and challenges make this a very powerful book. This is Oprah material for sure! Great Job sharing the power of Gratitude.

  2. Avatar

    Loni, USA

    What a great idea; stories of inspiration for every situation! Very similiar to Chicken Soup series, however, the Thank God I topics are more real life and grown up because they inspire all of us to be grateful for everything in our lives, even the seemingly difficult and sometimes overwhelming situations we are faced with. Kudos to the authors who willingly shared their stories in order to inspire others. Kudos to the creator John Castagnini.

  3. Avatar

    Aaron, USA

    This book is truly transformational and takes individual’s personal struggles to an entirely new level. If you are going through any “traumatic experience,” I highly suggest reading this book. Each author takes you on their personal journey of finding universal love and truth and is now actively involved in the world sharing and inspiring other’s to their own personal greatness.
    This book will open your heart, body and soul to limits beyond your conscious comprehension.

  4. Avatar

    Nicholle, USA

    Like brand new. Love it.

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