Let go and trust Sticker


Let the Flor de Lis symbol remind you to clean and release negative programming 24-7. Let go and Trust.

3 inch.

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The Flor de Lis is the bearer of:

A promise that something is going to change and that it has the ability to express itself to Humanity.

A promise of new alliances, between Heaven and Human Earth, to connect dimensions.

A promise of the good news to come, as it is the vehicle to LIGHT.

Get ready to welcome this New Era, the Era where Energy prevails!

Here is Dr. Ihaleakalá’s meditation about the Flor de Lis:

“Flor-de-Lis is a cleansing process that releases memories of bloodshed of constant warfare and slavery to ideas, places, situations and beliefs that result in constant warfare. The way to use it “I put the Flor-de-Lis on the situation.” —POI, Ihhl

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