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In this 2-CD package, Mabel answers questions about life’s expectations, as it deals with issues such as faith, money, fear and love.

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Narrated by the author herself

The Easiest Way gives refreshing options for resolving problems and teaches us how problems become problems, and the easiest and quickest way to solve them. It answers questions about life’s expectations, as it directly deals with such issues as faith, money, fear, and love.

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    A.N., Finland

    Dear Mabel, Thank you so much for your wonderful books; The Easiest Way and The Easiest Way to Live. Your books have been such a blessing and inspiration to me. It felt that I read the words of the core truth and love. I feel my life have changed a lot since I started practicing Ho`oponopono a few months ago. About five years ago I heard about Ho`oponopono and it sounded quite mystical and interesting to me but I forgot it right away.

    I have always been very interested about spirituality but back then Ho`oponopono sounded too simple to me. I needed something outside of me, complex theories about Infinity and the Universe. It was the time when I was victimizing myself a lot and I was not able to take responsibility of my life. This Spring I was ready to find Ho`oponopono again.

    I was finally ready to receive this wonderful practice, to take responsibility for my life and stop being a victim. The truth is simple and I feel Ho`oponopono goes straight to the Source. Thank you so much for your wonderful teachings and I would love to participate to your seminar in the near future. Thank You, I love You Mabel.

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    Elena, Serbia

    Dear Mabel,
    The first time I saw the cover of your book, ‘The Easiest Way’, I felt a special attraction. Very soon after reading it, I found not one but few galleries interested in selling my own paintings in the capital city in one of the main streets. And the next time I was in the gallery, the owner told me that she wanted to have my paintings always hanging in the window of the store untill they were sold.

    I felt a strong energy that cannot be described with words…a magnificent feeling. Strange, but long before reading your book I felt somehow the need for deleting memories… You showed me the way. So I feel the need to thank you from my heart. You brought light , real purpose, and higher meaning to my life. I am 30 years old, just finished Faculty for Civil engineering.

    For me, painting is the easiest way of not thinking. The way of eternal inspiration. I feel guided. Of the many, many things I could have choose, Ho’oponopono illuminate sense, clarity and the eternal joy. Thank you so much, although some things cannot be described with words, I tried with this short story.

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    Nikolas, Czech Rep

    Dear Mabel Katz, I read your book The Easiest Way and I want to say THANK YOU you changed my life, not only you, Dr. Hew Len too because first I read his book Zero Limits and then I found you on the internet and bought your book. It’s really fantastic and now I can say that I understand life. Have a nice time. Your big fan.

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    Dr. Joe Vitale, USA

    The Easiest Way, ” This is the clearest explanation of Ho´oponopono I´ve ever seen”.
    Dr. Joe Vitale, author of Zero Limits and The Attractor Factor.

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